Ways to fund education

The simplest way to save for your children's education is to put money into a savings account and start earning interest. The earlier you start saving, the more you'll make as the interest payments start to add up.

Even if your children aren't heading off to school for a few years, you can still start investing now to ensure better earning potential. You can consider products including:


  • A good way of diversifying your portfolio
  • Convenient to buy
  • Managed by professionals
  • Easy to turn into cash as you can buy and sell whenever it suits you

Structured products

  • A good opportunity to access linked assets normally unavailable to individual investors
  • Easy to customise to match your goals and attitude to risk
  • Full or partial capital protection

Generally, there are two insurance options when it comes to funding your children's education: 

  • You can take out an insurance policy that ensures your children receive a lump sum payout should anything happen to you.
  • You can buy an endowment policy which guarantees you regular payments for the duration of the policy – this could be ideal if you'll be retired when your children are at university.

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Global experts' advice to help you capture global investment opportunities and mitigate investment risks to meet your diversified investment and wealth management needs. Our investment products include: Structured productsDual Currency Investment and Enhanced Yield InvestmentOverseas Investment Planand Local Unit Trust and Hong Kong Mutual Recognition of Funds.

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We take into account your protection needs at various life stages to help you find out suitable insurance plans, leveraging on our ability to offer a one-stop platform for your insurance needs.

You could check our insurance partner policies including Travel insuranceHealth insurance, and Life insurance, and our Online service.

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