Key benefits:

  • Different capital protection levels
    Your investment will receive 100% or partial (e.g. 90%) capital protection at maturity, helping you control the investment risk to a certain extent.
  • Capture global investment opportunities
    Investment return is usually linked to one or more indices, securities, foreign exchange rates and/or other financial assets in global markets such as the US, Europe and Asia, helping you achieve a potential return on your investment.
  • Diversified structure for investment return
    Offers a variety of revenue disbursements and payoffs, with diversified investment tenor, satisfying your specific investment needs.

Please refer to the Structured Investment Products Description Pack for related capital risk.

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How to invest

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Product performance and issued product catalogue

Product performance and issued product catalogue

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Logging on to your Personal Internet Banking to check the detailed performance reports. 

You can also click the following links for interim and maturity performance reports.

For product catalogue of issued structured investment, please follow the below link:

We will invest a major amount of your initial invested capital (in structured product(s)) into relatively safe assets, such as money market instruments or treasury bonds, to ensure 100% or partial capital protection (i.e. 90%) at maturity. The potential return (if any) will come from investment of the remaining portion of your initial investment amount (in derivative product(s)), by trading options in the global financial market.

Reference illustration of differences on investment at start date and possible return and capital at maturity date

Product risk rating

*Ranges from 1 (low risk) to 5 (very high risk)

Risk rating
Risk level of available products

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How to use HSBC CPI online platform?

Strategic Retail Brokerage Platform - Structured Products (Chinese only)
Strategic Retail Brokerage Platform - Structured Products online Tailor-made solution (Chinese only)

Our Strategic Retail Brokerage Platform - Structured Products provides you with a convenient and flexible way to manage your investment.

  • Global opportunities: With a wide range of choices including index/ETF linked products, we offer you a platform to capture global opportunities
  • Convenient to use: Real-time performance tracking of underlying assets (providing updates on major indices, foreign exchange rates, interest rates and commodity prices)*

Detailed user guide: Learn more by watching the video guide

*You need to complete your first transaction at one of our branches, before you can begin any online transaction.

*You should choose products after assessing your risk tolerance level. For other terms and conditions, please refer to this platform.

Frequently asked questions

The information shown in this website does not contain any contract value, and should not be regarded as any offer, solicitation or recommendation to conduct any investment, subscriptions or purchase of any financial planning or products. If you plan to make anyinvestment, please ask for relevant legal documents from the Bank, and any rights and obligations of the product will be subject to the legal documents. Wealth management is not equal to deposit. Please be aware of the risks associated with the product and make prudent investment decisions.

Capital protected structured products are investments, providing 100% capital protection at product maturity of the principal invested. Capital protected structured products do NOT guarantee investment returns or profit on principalYou should fully understand the investment risk and act prudently in making the investment decision.

Structured investments with 100% capital  protection and minimum ivestment coupon at maturity are capital protected investment products with certain guaranteed return. You will only receive the principal and returns (if any) at product maturity as per the expressed stipulation of the applicable terms and conditions. You should fully understand the investment risk and act prudently in making the investment decision.

Structured investments with partial capital protection at maturity are non-capital protected investment products with floating returns involving investment risks. Only part of your principal investment is protected and you may suffer significant losses due to market fluctuations. You should fully understand the investment risk and act prudently in making the investment decision.

Unlike traditional deposits, structured investments have an investment element and returns may vary. You may receive low or no return for the entire tenor of the structure investment. If you invest in partial capital protected structured investment products, you may even lose part of the invested capital for the entire tenor of the structured investment.

If the investment currency or the linked currency is not your base currency, and you choose to convert the investment proceeds back to your base currency at maturity, your returns could be affected negatively or positively due to exchange fluctuations. If you have to exchange from other currencies into the investment currency for the purpose of wealth management, there is also foreign exchange risk in this as well.

Please carefully read the product subscription pack to learn about detailed risks.