Structured products

Expand your investment portfolio with a wide range of flexible structured products. 

Key benefits:

  • Access a broad suite of assets and markets from around the world
  • Enjoy returns derived from a wide range of asset classes while getting full or partial capital protection based on your product
  • Customised structured products with risk and potential return that suit your risk appetite

Our Strategic Retail Brokerage Platform - Structured Products provides you with a convenient and flexible way to manage your investment.


Overseas Investment Plan - QDII Offshore Fund/Overseas Investment Plan - QDII Overseas Bond

These products offer you a diverse range of overseas investment options.

Key benefits:

  • You can choose Open-ended Offshore Funds/QDII Overseas Bonds across various asset classes, regions and currencies.
  • All Open-ended offhsore funds are managed by professional fund managers.
  • Invest in an Open-ended offhsore funds with a minimum amount of RMB 50,000 or the equivalent foreign currency (if applicable). Alternatively, you can choose to invest in a Monthly Instalment Plan of QDII Fund (the amount is determined by each specific investment product terms of sale).

Instant access to global asset allocation, providing you with risk control to quickly adjust your portfolio.


Dual Currency Investment and Enhanced Yield Investment products

HSBC Dual Currency Investment and Enhanced Yield Investment products allow you to link up with foreign exchange rates and meet your investment needs in the currency market.

Key benefits:

  • By linking to the performance of foreign exchange rates, this offers the potential to earn a higher return, as well as meet your foreign currency investment needs.
  • Flexible investment tenors
  • Wide selection of currencies

You can subscribe Dual Currency Investment (Basic Type) via Internet Banking and Mobile Banking, choose linked exchange rates, and keep track of market changes anytime, anywhere.

* You need to complete your first transaction at one of our branches, before you can begin any online transaction.

You should choose products after assessing your risk tolerance level. For further information, please consult branch staff.


Local Unit Trust & MRF-Recognized HK Funds

Local Unit Trust

Select Local Unit Trust to meet your investment needs.

Key benefits:

  • Convenient and flexible
  • Optimised investment portfolio

MRF-Recognized HK Funds

MRF-Recognized HK Funds provides broader access to global investment opportunities.

Key benefits:

  • Invest overseas
  • Convenient and flexible
  • Optimised investment portfolio
  • Global asset allocation


Frequently asked questions

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