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Young students browsing the web by mobile devices; used for HSBC International Education Payment System

HSBC International Education Payment System

Pay online for your child's international education with the HSBC China Mobile Banking app or your HSBC China WeChat service account.

We've garnered accolades for “International Retail Bank of the Year” and “Wealth Management Platform of the Year” at the Asian Banking & Finance Retail Banking Awards.

Start your children on the path to success by planning for their overseas education early. Our global team of experts is ready to provide you with the right financial products and asset management plans you need to turn your dreams for their futures into reality.

Here's how the HSBC International Education Payment System will help you get your child's education plan rolling:

  • Pay online: Save yourself a trip to the bank by paying tuition through HSBC China mobile banking or HSBC China WeChat service account

  • Intelligent search-and-match functions: Search for the educational institute of your choice and retrieve the receiving account automatically

  • Multi-currency exchange: We support renminbi exchanges with USD, GBP, CAD, AUD and HKD, or other foreign currency exchange combinations

  • Easy payment status updates: You'll receive payment status notifications through your WeChat service account or the HSBC International Education Payment System on your Mobile Banking app

  • Low to no service fees: HSBC Premier account holders pay zero service fees, while Advance account holders pay a low per-transaction service fee of just USD7 or the equivalent in another currency1

Customer eligibility2: HSBC Premier and HSBC Advance account holders

Operating channels: Log on to your HSBC China mobile banking or HSBC China WeChat service account's 'HSBC China Customer Service'

Payment account: Pay tuition and other relevant fees4 via your HSBC renminbi account3 or foreign currency account

Service coverage: Currently available for more than 1,000 educational institutes in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong SAR

  1. For a list of service fees, refer to the 'Tariff of Accounts and Services for Personal Customers' on our website.
  2. Applicable to all HSBC Premier and HSBC Advance customers with a valid identity card in mainland China, as well as Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR and Taiwan HSBC Premier and HSBC Advance customers with accounts in HSBC China.
  3. Renminbi payment is only available within service hours (9.30am-6.00pm, Mondays to Fridays, excluding public holidays), but foreign currency payments may be made at any time. For special holiday arrangements, refer to our website or mobile banking notices. Please note that this FX purchase will be credited to your annual FX quota (USD50,000 per person).
  4. Accumulative daily limits equivalent to USD50,000 shall apply to relevant transactions (including FX purchases from renminbi accounts and direct payments from foreign currency accounts).

Contact us

Make an online appointment to apply

Thank you for your interest in becoming an HSBC China customer and using HSBC international education services. Please leave your contact details and we'll be in touch in 1-2 business days.

HSBC International Education Financial Services Hotline (for personal banking services only)


(24H, Mon - Sun)

Please dial the country code of mainland China +86 if you are calling from overseas, Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, or Taiwan

If you're already an HSBC customer, scan and download the HSBC China Mobile Banking app to use the HSBC International Education Payment System

HSBC China mobile banking QR code

How to use the HSBC International Education Payment System

To purchase foreign currency for payments within your personal FX quota

1. Log on

HSBC International Education Payment System logon interface

Log on to HSBC China Mobile Banking → HSBC Global Transfer service → HSBC International Education Payment System; Or

Go to the WeChat 'HSBC China Customer Service' account menu → Personal banking → Transfer → HSBC International Education Payment System

2. Fill in your information

Payment details information interface

Enter 'Immediate payment' and select your educational institute. The corresponding receiving account will match automatically with the institute's name. Then, fill in all the payment information fields.

3. Verify information and confirm

Verification information interface

Verify the information you've entered, then click 'Confirm' to submit your payment request.

4. Wait for payment to be completed

Information submission success interface

Upon payment confirmation, you'll receive details of the transaction and payment status in the payment record or by checking notifications from the International Education Payment System.

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