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A girl paying money by QR code payment; the image used for Online / Mobile Payment

Online/Mobile Payment

Service at a glance

Online/Mobile Payment uses the protection of our security technology to let you make online and offline purchases without the need for your physical card.

You can do this by linking your HSBC Debit Card to QR code payment, Apple Pay, UnionPay Online Payment, Alipay, WeChat Pay and more.

We are expanding the network to make your daily spending and fund transfers easier.

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You can add your HSBC China Debit Card to Apple Pay by linking your card to a mobile device that supports Apple Pay (such as iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad). It allows you to pay merchants without physical card, using your mobile and via the payment app instead.

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Make online payments with your HSBC Debit Card easier with UnionPay. You can use it to pay for online global purchases, utility expenses, mobile bills, credit card repayment, public transport, trip bookings and charitable donations.

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Shop, send and receive money faster with your HSBC China Debit Card using Alipay and QR code payment. You can also withdraw your money from Alipay account to your debit card.

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Pay, send and receive money faster with HSBC China Debit Card via WeChat Pay and QR code payment. Transfer money, send red packets and make payments online and offline with WeChat and QR codes.