Key benefits

  • Keep track of all market changes 24 hours a day and capture opportunities
  • Manage assets in multiple currencies and countries to diversify potential risks in investment and wealth management
  • Manage your portfolio anytime, anywhere to optimise your asset allocation

Four powerful platforms to manage and grow your wealth

  • Manage your investment products with ease 
  • Comprehensive review of your portfolio

Online QDII Fund Platform helps you expand investment channels and accumulating wealth by:

  • Tracking market changes 24 hours a day and capturing opportunities worldwide 
  • Instant access to global asset allocation
  • Risk management control by quickly adjusting your portfolio
  • Manage your Dual Currency Investment through various digital channels 
  • Choose your investment currency, linked currency and conversion rates
  • Keep track of market changes anytime, anywhere 
  • HSBC Structured Product - Strategic Retail Brokerage Platform (SRBP)
    Convenient to use, and easy to place order.
  • SRBP - Structured Products online tailor-made solution
    HSBC China provide tailor-made solution for Structured Products. Via digital channel, you can freely create your own product by choosing product payoff, underlying, and parameters based on your own risk profile, market view and preference. 
    The system will provide quotes and scenario analysis immediately, and product will be trade one day after order placement.

How to invest

HSBC Personal Internet Banking

You will need a Security Device or two-factor authentication to log on and apply. 

Scan QR code to download HSBC China Mobile Banking APP 

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How to invest

New window

Visit any of our HSBC branches with your valid ID card to register for this service.

Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm (some branches may provide limited weekend service)

By phone

For general inquiry (RBWM only)



Please dial China country code +86 if you are calling from overseas

Frequently asked questions

  • Wealth management is not equal to deposit. Please be aware of the risks associated with the product and make prudent investment decisions.
  • When planning to invest in a investment product for the first time and you have not completed a risk profiling questionnaire, your relationship manager will provide you with the opportunity to complete a risk assessment questionnaire to assist you in understanding your risk tolerance level. Since your risk appetite may change from time to time and you may vary your risk appetite depending on the purpose of your investment, or if you have completed the risk tolerance assessment questionnaire more than 12 months prior to once again wanting to purchase a wealth management product, the bank will provide you with an opportunity to re-assess your risk tolerance level. You can also request a re-assessment if the factors influencing your risk tolerance has changed (including age, financial status, investment experience, investment objectives, earnings expectations, risk appetite, liquidity requirements, risk perception, risk tolerance, etc). Before you subscribe to the product, please be reminded to check whether your risk tolerance matches the risk rating of the product to be subscribed. You will not be able to subscribe in the event of a mismatch.
  • The bank does not provide any opinion, advice or recommendation on your purchase of investment products. You should investigate and analyse the products you intend to purchase and consult with your personal legal adviser, regulatory stipulations, tax implications, financial and accounting consultants before making the transaction, so as to fully understand and confirm the risks pertaining to the nature of the product, or risks regarding other legal, financial, tax and other aspects. You should make investment decisions, including decisions regarding the suitability of the transaction, based on your own independent judgement, risk tolerance, investment experience, investment objectives, investment needs and advice that you deem necessary.
  • In order to protect your rights and interests, please review all the documents and information about the products to fully understand the product structure, product features, risks, expenses and other information of the product before purchasing any products. You should ensure that the funds used to purchase the product belong to you.
  • After you make the decision to subscribe/purchase products, you should complete the process of subscription/purchase through the bank's online platform by yourself. If you have any questions or doubts about the products to be subscribed/purchased or related documents during the subscription/purchasing process, you should immediately stop the subscription process and visit our branch to have an authorised sales person to provide you with assistance and/or explanations.