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Dual Currency Investment

Grow your wealth by identifying investment opportunities in the foreign currency market. The product is launched by HSBC Bank (China).

A Dual Currency Investment is a non-principal protected investment product with floating return. By linking to the performance of foreign exchange rates, you will have a chance to earn potential return, as well as meet your foreign currency investment needs.

Key benefits

  • Flexible investment tenor
    Choose a suitable investment tenor, ranging from one week to two months, whatever suits your needs best.
  • Selection of currencies and conversion rates
    Choose a currency pair - an investment currency and a linked currency. On the transaction date, choose your preferred conversion rate between the investment and linked currency, based on the exchange rate you agree to convert at maturity.

No early redemption is allowed for this structured deposit product.

Structured Deposit is not a normal deposit, but rather is an investment which involves investment risks. You should act prudently in making the investment decision.

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How to invest

You will need a Security Device or two-factor authentication to log on HSBC Personal Internet Banking and apply. 

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Other customers


Please dial the country code of mainland China +86 if you are calling from overseas, Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, or Taiwan

Dual Currency Investment - Product Risk Level: 3 (Medium)
Dual Currency Investment is suitable for investor who satisfies all the following conditions:

(1) the investor’s risk tolerance level is “Balanced” or above; 

(2) the investor has the relevant knowledge and/or experience of structured deposit product; and

(3) the investor agrees to take related terms and investment risks of this investment product.

You can choose a product structure, an investment currency (base currency), a linked currency, investment tenor and conversion rate (strike rate). The minimum Investment amount is USD 17,000 (or its equivalent in other currencies) for Sub-branch Channel and USD 2,000 (or its equivalent in other currencies) for Online Trading Platform.

The bank observes the market rate at Fixing Time on Fixing Date (the Fixing Rate):

Dual Currency Investment:

  1. If the investment currency depreciates or slightly appreciates against the linked currency, and does not exceed the conversion rate, your principal and investment return will be paid in the investment currency at maturity.
  2. If the investment currency appreciates against the linked currency and exceeds the conversion rate, your principal and investment return will be converted to the linked currency at the conversion rate, and paid at maturity.

You can also find detailed Historical product information on "China Wealth" website.

The historical fixing rate will be updated biweekly, and This information is only for a reference and does not represent recommendation from HSBC for customer to buy or sell based on the information provided. Customer should not rely on the information expressed in this document solely to make investment decisions.


It depends on the stipulation of the product contract.

An Enhanced Yield Investment - Structured Deposit Product is a structured deposit with floating returns. This product is 100% capital protected at maturity.

We offer services to meet all of your foreign exchange needs in a faster and more convenient way.

HSBC Structured Deposits are usually linked to financial assets such as equities, indices, foreign exchange rates or securities. The potential return of structured deposit products is determined by the performance of the linked financial assets, product portfolio and detailed terms and conditions. Please note that the potential return of the Structured deposit is not a 100% reflection of the actual performance of the underlying assets. Product selection is designed to meet your investment goals and risk appetite, providing you with opportunities to earn potential returns and enhance your wealth potential.

An Overseas Investment Plan lets you invest in a diversified selection of funds and bonds managed by a team of leading fund managers. We help investors take advantage of global market opportunities, allowing you to diversify your risk and expand your global asset allocation.

In today’s fast-paced financial world, the only way to stay ahead is to be on top of current market events. Tap into our unique market insights and investment analysis to stay informed about the latest trends and regional news with just a few clicks.

How to invest

Visit any of our HSBC branches with your valid ID card and register for this service. You can also purchase Dual Currency Investment online.

Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 9:30am-4:30pm (some branches may provide limited weekend service)

This investment product is available for purchase all year round. The transaction date should be during one of the standard opening days of commercial banks in mainland China and Hong Kong SAR, as well as the standard opening days of major banks in the foreign country issuing the currency you would like to invest (including Foreign Exchange and Foreign Currency Deposit).

You can purchase Dual Currency Investment products via HSBC Personal Internet Banking. You need to complete your first transaction at one of our branches before you can begin any online transaction.

Dual Currency Investmen OnlinceTrading Platform* trading hours: Monday to Friday, 6am-7pm

* Applicable to transactions via online banking and mobile banking.

This investment product is available for purchase all-year-round. The transaction date should be during one of the standard opening days of commercial banks in mainland China and Hong Kong SAR, as well as the standard opening days of major banks in the foreign country issuing the currency you would like to invest (including Foreign Exchange and Foreign Currency Deposit).

Frequently asked questions

There is no contractual value in this page and the information above is not and should not be regarded as an offer to sell or a solicitation for an offer to buy any financial product, and should not be considered as investment advice.

The above information is only a brief introduction of the product(s). If you are interested to know more about this product, please contact the Bank and carefully read the product description pack. In the event of any discrepancy, the terms and conditions associated with each product shall prevail.

Dural Currency Investment (“DCI”) is a non-capital protected investment product with floating returns. You may suffer significant loss of principal due to market fluctuation. Dual Currency Investment is not deposit product. The Bank does not provide any guarantee or promise on principal protection or investment return of the product. Investors should fully understand the investment risks and act prudently in making the investment decision.

  • Return and Principal Risk: You must recognise the possibility of loss caused by exchange rate fluctuation. Such loss may offset the investment return earned on the investment and may even result in losses in the principal amount of the investment. If you choose Dual Currency Investment, under circumstance of extreme exchange rate fluctuation, the loss may even be the whole principal. 
  • No Early Redemption by Investors: You are not allowed to redeem all or part of the Dual Currency Investment prior to maturity (inclusive). Please ensure you have made adequate provision for emergency cash needs.
  • Foreign Exchange Risk: If the investment currency or the linked currency is not your base currency, and you choose to convert the investment proceeds back to your base currency at maturity, your returns could be affected negatively or positively due to exchange fluctuations. If you have to exchange from other currencies into the investment currency for the purpose of wealth management, there is also foreign exchange risk in this as well.
  • For further risk information please refer to Product Subscription Pack.