Domestic transfers

Make speedy local transfers securely through one of many options: in-branch service, phone banking, online banking, WeChat banking or mobile banking.

Key benefits

  • Make quick, easy and safe transfers. We help you manage your accounts on-the-go, no need to visit a branch
  • Make local transfers online, free of charge

International transfers

It only takes a few simple steps to transfer your money across the globe. Save time and effort with our online transfer service.

Key benefits

  • Get access to your accounts anytime and anywhere. Transfer your money across the globe quickly and conveniently
  • Make use of our easy and efficient Global Transfer services

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Dial the China country code +86 if you're calling from overseas

HSBC online banking

You'll need a Security Device or 2-factor authentication to log on and apply. 

HSBC Global Transfer service

Global Transfer service, based on HSBC global network, connects all of your accounts from different countries/territories, which presents itself as the key benefits of our service through digital channels.

Make instant, global transfers to yours or third-party personal HSBC accounts* via online or mobile banking. Our Premier customers can use this service free of charge.  

  • Cross-border foreign currency fund transfers are completed in seconds
  • We support up to 10 foreign currencies for transfers into and out of China, including USD, EUR, HKD, JPY, GBP, AUD, SGD, CAD, CHF, and NZD.
  • Free for our Premier customers. Advance customers can make use of this service at preferential rates.
  • Via a single log on to our Online Banking service, you can link and view all your accounts opened with HSBC around the world, and initiate Global Transfers between them.
Mobile banking
Online banking
WeChat banking
Global Transfer to Self 
Global Transfer to Family
- currently only available for transfers to overseas HSBC accounts held by family members under the same Premier Family account
Premier   Service will be available at a later stage


*Premier customers can apply for Premier Family financial services with their spouse, children or parents.

*Global Transfer to Family is available via mobile banking only. Other channels will be available soon.

*Refer to our terms and conditions for more details when activating global transfers.

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