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HSBC China WeChat Service Account

Manage your banking needs with WeChat at your fingertips

As one of the official digital banking channels of HSBC China, the HSBC China WeChat Service Account can provide you with a convenient and reliable banking experience.

  • Real-time account information

    Receive instant account updates and stay on top of your finances while on the go

  • Check your balances without passwords

    Get a quick overview of your account balance through 'My Account' anytime, anywhere

  • Reward points at a glance

    Check your reward points and the latest offers with just a tap

  • 24/7 virtual banking assistant

    Get instant answers to your banking enquires from our AI chatbot 'Xiao Feng'


Security is our top priority. To keep your account details and security details secure, you need to log on to our WeChat Service Account with your Online Banking password or Security Device before making any transactions or using any related functions.

Scan the QR code now to follow the HSBC China WeChat Service Account, and bind your HSBC account so you can easily manage your account anytime, anywhere.

QR code for HSBC China WeChat Service Account

How to bind your HSBC account with our WeChat Service Account?


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