Overseas Investment Plan - QDII Offshore Fund / Overseas Investment Plan - QDII Overseas Bond.

Under the Overseas Investment Plan, the funds raised by HSBC will be invested in corresponding overseas funds and QDII bonds in accordance with the relevant provisions and regulations.

The product is launched by HSBC Bank (China).

Key benefits

  • Global asset allocation
    Enables you to invest in the global market and diversify potential risks
  • Flexible subscription
    The Strategic Retail Brokerage Platform - QDII Funds helps you track market changes in real-time, purchase or redeem anytime through our Personal Internet Banking, Mobile Banking or WeChat account. We reserve the right to amend subscription for purchases according to QDII quota limit. Detailed information can be found at HSBC branches and sub-branches, corporate website, Mobile Banking and WeChat account
  • Optimised investment portfolio
    Our experts in Global Asset Management will recommend an Overseas Investment Plan to meet your needs



Most recent products under Overseas Investment Plan

Wealth management is not equal to deposit. Please be aware of the risks associated with the product and make prudent investment decisions.

The management company of relevant offshore fund will update the fund factsheet from time to time which will provide information on key facts, investment objective, performance and etc. Please visit the management company’s official website for details. If there is any further enquiries, please contact HSBC 24 hours service line 400-820-8828 (for HSBC Premier customers) or 400-820-8878 (for HSBC Advance Customers).

How to invest

HSBC Personal Internet Banking

You will need a Security Device or two-factor authentication to log on and apply. 

HSBC China Mobile Banking

Scan QR code below to download HSBC China Mobile Banking APP. Investment plans are all on your hand.

HSBC China Mobile Banking APP QR code

HSBC China WeChat Service Account

Scan QR code below to follow our official WeChat Service Account “HSBC China Customer Services”.

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Service charge and fees

The subscription and redemption rate is charged according to the type of QDII fund you applied. 

More information

Wealth management is not equal to deposit. Please be aware of the risks associated with the product and make prudent investment decisions.

The Monthly Installment Plan is a non-principal protected product with floating returns. The investment plan is a high risk investment product and you may suffer losses. You should be fully aware of investment risks and invest prudently. This monthly investment plan is different from deposits and bears investment risks. Investors may suffer capital loss at the time of redemption and the redemption proceeds may even be zero (which means 100% capital loss).

The investor can subscribe for the monthly instalment plan as an additional investment following their first completed subscription to the QDII scheme. 

Monthly instalment plan tenor, one year from the date of signing the contract.

Initial monthly plan:

Investment currency
Minimum Investment amount under MIP
RMB 1,000
USD 170
HKD 1,500
EUR 150

Key features

With a flexible subscription date and a low regular investment contribution, the product enjoys the benefits of 'dollar cost averaging'.

Key benefits

  • Flexible investment

On the first completed subscription to any QDII Fund, you can:

- decide the monthly investment amount and subscription date

- determine a market value goal of the targeted investment 

- sign up for monthly alert service, including a reminder for end of tenor and make changes to the monthly investment amount and subscription date, prior to date of maturity 

  • Multi-channel and regular alert service

SMS or Internet Banking notification will remind you to reserve sufficient funds for the monthly investment. 

  • Pre-set investment goal

Set a market value goal to achieve. Once the goal is met, you will receive an alert via SMS or internet banking

How to invest

New window

Visit any of our HSBC branches with your valid ID card to register for this service

Opening hours: Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm (some branches may provide limited weekend service) 

By phone

For general inquiry (RBWM only)


Please dial China country code +86 if you are calling from overseas

Frequently asked questions

1. The Investment Plan is an open-end and publicly offered investment product, which is non-capital protected with floating return. Neither capital nor return is guaranteed. You may suffer substantial loss of capital. You should fully understand the investment risk and act prudently in making the investment decision. The Investment Plan has significant difference from traditional deposits, and involves investment risk. Investor may suffer capital loss upon redemption and the redemption proceeds could even be zero.You should fully understand the investment risk and act prudently in making the investment decision. The Investment Plan has significant difference from traditional deposits, and involves investment risk.

  • Return risk: This financial plan is not equivalent to traditional deposits and involves floating returns. The Bank does not provide any guarantee or promise on the return of the investment plan. The investment plan does not guarantee a return higher than other investments or deposit products, and the return may be zero.
  • Credit risk: Under this plan, the investor is responsible for the credit risk of the Bank, overseas fund manager, overseas fund investment adviser, overseas bond issuer and overseas bond guarantor (if applicable), custodian bank, overseas custodian bank and overseas counter party.
  • Overseas investment risk: Not with standing the fact that investors do not directly invest in or hold overseas bonds issued by overseas issuers, but rather subscribe the investment plan issued by the Bank, all the risks associated with the Bank’s investment in the overseas bonds will be passed onto investors as the overseas bonds issued by overseas issuers are the Bank’s investment targets under this plan.
  • Exchange risks:If the investment currency is not your base currency, and you choose to convert to other currency for the purpose of subscribing to this investment plan and/or you choose to convert the principal investment and return (if any) back to your base currency, your actual investment result could be affected positively or negatively due to exchange rate fluctuations. The exchange rate fluctuations might cause positive or negative affects. In the worst case scenario, the investor might gain a zero return due to the exchange rate fluctuations, and lose the 100% of the principal.
  • Principal Risk: This plan does not provide capital protection. Investors may suffer redemption of the principal loss, the redemption amount may even be zero, that is, the loss of all principal capital.

The above list only covers part of the risks involved in the financial plan. Please refer to the "Risk Disclosure" to fully understand all details of the risk factors involved in this financial plan.

2. The information shown in this website does not constitute any contract value, and should not be regarded as any offer, solicitation or recommendation to conduct any investment, subscriptions or purchase of any products. If you plan to make any investment or subscription, please ask for relevant legal documents from the Bank.  All rights and obligations relating to any specific products will be subject to the legal documents.