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Planning for retirement

A good life after retirement depends on more than just saving enough money. Consider asset protection programs to ensure safe and secure income after retirement. Contact us for personalised advice.
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With an ageing population, rising medical costs and long-term low interest rates, saving for retirement as early as possible will ensure a comfortable life your golden years.

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Follow these four steps to quickly create your first wealth management plan for life after retirement.

financial health check; the image used for wealth retirement
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To see what to do next, first evaluate your financial situation.

Products geared towards retirement planning

Investment products (in Chinese only)

We offer a wide range of investment options that match your investment objectives and experience to help you achieve your financial goals for retirement planning.

Third-party distributed insurance products

We offer a variety of portfolio with guaranteed returns and flexible combinations to meet your retirement planning needs, so you can provide a solid nest egg for you and your family.

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The wealth you accumulate allows you to enjoy your life, provides a better life for those you care about and protects you in case of accident.

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Your family is the most important thing in life. Protect them with a comprehensive family wealth management plan that will give you more confidence in the future and make you feel more secure today.

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Whether you have a child on the way, or one that is ready to attend university overseas, you can plan and build an education fund to help them reach their greatest potential.

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After working hard for many years, you want to share your legacy with your loved ones. Appropriate legacy planning will allow you to distribute your wealth in a way that benefits your family.