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5 reasons to start planning for retirement early

After you retire, you finally can do the things you've always wanted to do but didn’t have the time to pursue.
  • It's an easier way to save

Take deposits as an example. Compared to saving aggressively for 10 years, sustained saving over a 30-year period allows you to save less each month and still achieve the same goal as intensively saving for 10 years. Starting the saving journey earlier also means you'll have more disposable funds. If you start saving later, the pressure to hit a certain level of savings within a shorter timeframe also increases.

  • To enjoy the benefits of compound interest

Saving today will bring you more benefits tomorrow. As your interest accumulates, the interest you receive will in turn generate even more interest.

  • For a more relaxed transition into retirement

Create your retirement plan now, and you can do away with worries and look forward to a comfortable life after retirement. A comprehensive retirement wealth management plan will help you better enjoy life after retirement.

  • Realise your dream of early retirement

If you manage your wealth properly, it's definitely possible to retire early to set aside more time to chase the dreams you’ve always had.

  • Saving is easier when you have sufficient funds

Under normal circumstances, you'll have greater disposable income between the ages of 20 and 40. After 40, your responsibility increases significantly, with financial commitments like paying for your child’s education and servicing your home mortgage loan. If you only start saving at that point, it will be more difficult to build up your post-retirement disposable savings.

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