No matter where you're going – to ski the snow-capped Alps, see the cherry blossoms of Mount Fuji, dive the Great Barrier Reefs or sail the romantic Aegean Sea – our comprehensive services will help you get the financial support you need to get the most out of your travels.

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Our Overseas Travel Financial Services will work at removing obstacles so you can start your travels with ease. 

We provide Overseas Travel Deposit Certificates as financial guarantees to travel agencies and when applying for visas. Best of all, you still earn interest on your deposits while travelling.

HSBC Premier Travel Credit Card

Get the HSBC Travel Credit Card (Chinese only) and HSBC Premier Travel Credit Card (Chinese only) to enjoy a wide range of travel benefits throughout your adventure. 

Premier Travel Credit Card holders get multiple yearly benefits, including:

  • 50% off one Business Class promotion
  • 10 free VIP lounge entries at airports or high-speed rail stations
  • Free unlimited wi-fi through Boingo at over 1 million hotspots worldwide
  • Get special discounts at 5-star hotels for up to 5 times a year

Your safety is always a top priority

Whether you’re a regular traveller or not, our travel insurance gives you the confidence to travel the world knowing you and your family are fully covered.

We provide comprehensive protection against accidental injury, illness and loss of personal belongings. 

Learn more about AXA Smart Elite.

We offer flexible health insurance plans to ensure you and your family are covered while overseas.

With our wide range of flexible protection plans for every budget, you’ll have access to many options with medical and health care protection. No matter where life takes you and your family, we're here to help.

Need to pay for shopping, accommodation and entertainment in foreign currency when travelling the globe?

Enhance your travel experience with HSBC Foreign Exchange. We provide professional solutions to meet all your FX needs, including Personal Foreign Exchange, Foreign Currency Deposits, Dual-currency Investment and Enhanced Yield Investment. You can now get preferential exchange rates when you access our services via online banking, mobile banking and WeChat.

Accidents happen, and that's why we provide encashment services and emergency support for you and your family whenever you need us.

Encashment services and emergency support:

You have access to emergency cash of up to USD2,000 and emergency card replacement services at over 245,000 outlets across 200 countries/territories.

*The emergency card replacement service is currently only available for MasterCard replacements.

Premier customers can connect to the HSBC China customer service centre and get immediate assistance in Chinese by calling the Premier customer service hotline at 400-820-8828. (Please dial China country code +86 if you are  calling from overseas. There may be additional charges for international phone calls.)

Contact us

Customer service hotline

International Service Hotline

(Personal Banking Only)

(8:30 – 17:30, Mon - Fri) 


Please dial China country code +86 if you are calling from overseas

*Application process of overseas travel deposit certificates:

  1. You'll need to sign an agreement with us and the travel agency, which is known as a tripartite agreement. Visit your local branch with your ID, the tripartite agreement for overseas travel, deposit certificates signed by a travel agency, and any other documents required to open an account (not applicable to existing HSBC China customers). Make a deposit and get the certificate of deposit as a guarantee for the travel agency and the Frozen Deposit Certificate for visa applications for designated destinations. 
  2. The deposit will be frozen. You can choose to apply for the certificate of deposit as a financial guarantee to the travel agency and a certificate of frozen deposits for the visa application process. You can only apply for one of each for the deposited amount.
  3. Submit the original certificate to your travel agency.
  4. After your trip, your travel agency will return your original certificate and issue an unfreeze application. You can submit these 2 documents to us to unfreeze your travel deposit. Alternatively, your deposit will automatically be unfrozen on the expiry date specified in the tripartite agreement. 
  5. If the customer violates the tripartite agreement, such as by overstaying, the travel deposit will be transferred to the travel agency's appointed account upon receiving a breach of contract letter issued by the travel agency and the original certificate.

Other products and services

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A full range of insurance products (distributed by HSBC) are provided to satisfy your different needs at various life stages and ensure you and your family a hassle-free future.

Whether your goals be family protection, children's education, retire planning, wealth management or legacy planning, we understand your unique needs and are here to help you find the best customised solution.

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Get the HSBC Premier Travel Credit Card to enjoy a wide range of travel benefits throughout your adventure. 

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HSBC Premier offers a comprehensive support in global banking, as well as personal and family wealth management services to help you embrace a fuller life.

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Enjoy the convenience of real-time foreign currency exchange services via online banking and at our branches.

All the insurance products mentioned above are designed, issued and managed by the relevant insurance companies. HSBC Bank (China) Company Limited, as the insurance agent for distribution of relevant insurance products, is not responsible for any matters in relation to underwriting, policy cancelation, claims and risk management.

The information above is not and should not be regarded as an offer to sell or a solicitation for an offer to buy any financial products or services, and should not be considered as investment advice. If you're interested in purchasing any of these products, please contact us and request for the relevant legal documents. Any rights and obligations of the products will be subject to such legal documents. Please pay special attention to those important provisions such as exclusion liability, surrender charges, cash value and hesitation period, etc.

The information shown on this webpage does not contain any contract value, and should not be regarded as an offer, solicitation or recommendation to conduct any investment, subscriptions or purchase of any products or services. If you plan to make an investment, please ask us for relevant legal documents. Any rights and obligations of the product will be subject to the legal documents. Wealth management is not equal to deposit. Please be aware of the risks associated with the product and make prudent investment decisions.

Foreign exchange risk: If the investment currency is not your base currency, and you choose to convert the investment proceeds back to your base currency, you may suffer loss in your investment principle due to exchange fluctuations.