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FAQs: Insurance

Frequently asked questions related to HSBC China's Insurance products and services.

Note: The above FAQ is for your reference only. Please kindly note that HSBC China serves as the sales agent for insurance products while all the insurance products on shelf are designed and developed by relevant insurance companies and all the product sales documents are provided by relevant insurance companies. The information set out herein does not constitute an offer for sale or a solicitation for your purchase of any insurance product, nor shall it constitute or be deemed as our provision of any advice or recommendation regarding your subscription for any insurance product. In case of any discrepancy between this FAQ and the terms and conditions set out in insurance contract of a particular insurance product, the latter shall prevail.

For more information, please refer to the Frequently asked questions page.


These FAQs are intended to provide an overview of the information on issues related to financial products or services, or regulatory requirements faced when undertaking financial activity in mainland China. Due to the diversity and  complexity of financial products/services and local regulatory environment, these FAQs can only provide an outline of the issues. The information is provided for your reference only, and shall not be construed as legal, financial or any other professional advice. HSBC makes no guarantee, representation or warranty and accepts no responsibility for the accuracy updatedness and/or completeness of the information.