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Everyone encounters personal hardships in their lives, whether it’s a sudden illness, employment change, or the death of a family member. You don’t have to face it alone; let us know how we can help. We’ll work with you to find the right solutions to help you get through difficult times. 

Credit card

We'll send text messages to your mobile phone when you make retail transactions or cash advance withdrawals (including, but not limited to, cash withdrawals and statement instalments). Every month, we'll send an alert 5 days before the payment due date. Please arrange payment if you receive the text message reminder to avoid negative impact on your credit record. If we do not receive payment after the payment due date, you’ll receive a text message regarding your unpaid bill. We suggest you arrange payment as soon as possible. Contact us with any questions.

We provide multiple payment methods(in Chinese only).

Contact Credit Control Services:

Service and complaint hotline: 400-921-7882 (or +86-21-3501-9680 from overseas)


Home Mortgage Loan

You can call the HSBC China customer service hotline or visit our branches to activate the repayment notification service for your Home Mortgage Loan. We suggest you arrange repayments on time after receiving our text messages. Contact us with any queries. 

Contact Credit Control Services:

Service and complaint hotline: 400-920-6036 (or +86-21-3501-9688 from overseas)

Service hours: Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm (except public holidays)

Frequently asked questions

Late repayments 

1. Will overdue balance affect my credit card account?

If there’s an overdue balance on your credit card, you may not be able to use your card as usual. We suggest you pay the statement balance on time to avoid this. 

2. Will my credit record be affected if the statement balance is overdue?

According to the People’s Bank of China regulations, your overdue history will be reflected on your credit record. We suggest you pay the statement balance on time to avoid affecting your credit record.

3. How are the interest and late charges on my overdue credit card payment calculated?

A daily 0.05% interest will be charged to your credit card account if we do not receive the minimum payment on or before the payment due date. Your account will be in delinquent status, which will cause negative impact on your credit record. The annual interest rate is approximately 18.25%, and it would not be fixed depending on different number of days in the month and different repayment schedule. Apart from interest, an additional 5% late charge will be applied to the unpaid portion of the minimum payment amount.

Credit card eStatement

1. How can I check my credit card statement?

Apart from eStatements and paper statements, you can also check your credit card statements via HSBC China Mobile Banking, HSBC China WeChat Service Account.

2. Why can’t I open the eStatement file via an auto-payment software/application?

The eStatement sent via email is password-protected. Please refer to your emails for details on the password combination. 

Credit card repayment methods

1. How do I pay my credit card bill?

You can pay your credit card bill online via Alipay, WeChat Pay, UnionPay app, or China UnionPay Online Payment. Click to know more payment methods (in Chinese only).

2. If I don’t have an HSBC China debit card, how do I pay my USD credit card bill?

If you don’t have an HSBC China debit card, you may use our RMB overpayment service to pay off your USD credit card by activating the ‘Overpayment for foreign exchange’ function through HSBC China Mobile Banking, or HSBC China WeChat Service Account. Overpayment is the excess amount on your credit card after the outstanding amount has been paid. You’ll need to credit sufficient funds to your HSBC China RMB credit card prior to the payment due date. Your USD credit card will then be repaid with the excess amount credited to your RMB credit card by a foreign exchange transaction on payment due date. If your USD credit card is not paid off via overpayment by the payment due date, please contact our China credit card service hotline to make a payment.

3. Can I authorise a third party to pay my credit card bill by visiting an HSBC China branch if I’m not able to do it?
Cardholders currently cannot authorise third parties to pay their credit card bill by visiting our branches according to bank policy. We suggest you repay your credit card via one of our digital channels such as online banking. More repayment methods(in Chinese only).

4. How do I pay my USD credit card bill with my RMB account?
You may activate or deactivate the function of ‘Foreign currency transaction billed in RMB statement’ via credit card application form, credit card service hotline,  HSBC China Mobile Banking, or HSBC China WeChat Service Account. Once the function is activated, you may settle the payment with RMB by the means of paying your RMB credit card billing statement. USD transaction will be recorded directly in RMB statement, and USD overpayment will not be deducted for repaying the USD transaction. If you choose direct debit for credit card repayment, please ensure there is sufficient funds in your RMB saving account and authorise direct debit at least 3 days before payment due date.


1. How long will it take to update my credit card payment history?

Your account will be updated at different times according to the repayment methods you choose. Visit our China credit card website for more details on payment timescales. 

2. What should I do if I can’t keep up with my loan payments?

We suggest you contact our Credit Control Services team and we’ll work with you to find the best solution.

3. Are incoming call numbers 021-50877184021-508772420757-8123-80990757-8123-8998 phone number ranging between 0757-8121-4500 and 0757-8121-4999 from HSBC China?

Yes, these numbers from HSBC China Credit Control Services team. Please pick up our call at your earliest convenience.

4. Which debt collection agencies are delegated by HSBC Bank (China) Company Limited?

Shenzhen Yanyang Technology Service Co.,Ltd

Service and complaint hotline:021-6816-1016

Wansun (Shenzhen) Joint Investment Co., Ltd

Service and complaint hotline:020-8567-1030