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Read our latest insights curated to meet your investment and wealth needs, ranging from our house view, FX trends, global and regional market outlook, to sustainability insights, thought leadership articles and financial education.

Capture market moves and our latest views

Stronger-than-expected US economic data and concerns about high bond supply...[3 Nov]
US stocks were modestly higher as Treasury yields fell on Fedspeak. [ 29 Nov]
As anticipated, the Fed kept the policy rates range unchanged at 5.25-5.5% at the Septembe... [26 Sep]
As we look ahead to the final months of 2023, the financial markets are at a...[8 Sep]

Stay on top of the FX market

The recent drop in USD-JPY may look impressive, but the JPY is still the worst-performing... [27 Nov]
Investment involves risk. It is important to note that the capital value of investments... [28 Nov]
The impact of rate cuts on the USD will depend on the catalysts behind the Fed’s action, among others...[20 Nov]
As widely expected, the RBA raised its policy rate to a 12- year high in November...[13 Nov]
The US Dollar Index may see a fresh rally in the weeks ahead, supported...[2 Nov]

Explore regional opportunities

China's economic recovery accelerated in Q3, as the consumption-led recovery... [Oct 27]
Most central banks hope they can finally take a breather… [16 Oct]
ASEAN exports remain under pressure amidst weak global demand, with few signs of... [9 Oct]
Recovery momentum continued to ease while services... [11 Sep]
Global demand is slowing as tighter policy takes effect… [15 Sep]

Keep up with ESG and new trends

Climate change poses a significant threat to coffee production as suitable land for... [13 Oct ]
Recent US and EU policy initiatives highlight the importance of battery technology... [10 Oct]
Ice cream is an increasingly popular treat around the world, but investors should be... [4 Aug]
Since the beginning of 2021, the proportion of countries whose net zero targets are... [19 Jul]
ESG practices can impact a company’s prospects and value, with ESG leaders broadly... [4 Jul]

Learn to invest

Quality of Life goes beyond meeting material needs. It encompasses multiple dimensions such as physical...[4 Sep]
Plan for a secure future: Consider financial security, protecting your health, and paying off mortgages...[18 Sep]
Following successive rate hikes by major central banks during 2022 and H1 2023, deposit rates in many...[30 Jun]
Despite being one of the smartest species on the planet, human beings aren’t always rational with their...[16 Jul]
Most investors want to time the market in the hope that they can buy low and sell high to maximise investment...[27 Feb]

More articles

In today’s digitally connected world, short-term....[11 Feb]
Index funds offer investors a simple, low cost way to invest in a range of assets...[16 Aug]
Legacy goals can vary widely and may be financially and non-financially focused. [5 May]
Some people find bonds ‘boring’ because you don’t often hear much about them in the news...[25 Nov]
Among the retired women involved in a survey carried out by YouGov for HSBC1, over 90%...[20 Apr]
Most of us need foreign exchange at one time or another, but the FX market can be highly...[23 Jan]