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WeChat Pay

Use your HSBC China Debit Card to conveniently use WeChat Pay to send and receive all your WeChat online payments, like WeChat Red packet and WeChat transfer, as well as QR code payments.

Steps to link your card

Step 1: Open "Me", go to "WeChat Pay", "Wallet", and select “Cards”.

Open "Me", go to "WeChat Pay" interface
Select "Wallet" interface
Select "Cards" in "Wallet" interface

Step 2: Click “+” at the bottom of the page to add your card.

Step 3: Enter your WeChat payment password to verify your identity.

Click “+” at the bottom of the page to add the card process.
Enter the WeChat payment password to verify identity process.

Step 4: Enter your debit card and the mobile phone number that we have on file.

Step 5: Read “Service Agreement” and click “agree and link”.

Step 6: Select "Debit card".

Enter the debit card number process.
Enter the mobile phone number, read “Service Agreement” and click “agree and link” process.

Step 7: Enter the verification code to link your card.

Enter the verification code process
Successful binding interface