We offer you an enhanced assistance service

Domestic and overseas medical assistance service

  • Telephone medical advice
    A dedicated hotline for medical consultations from physicians whenever you feel sick or have medical emergencies.
  • Arrangement of hospital admission
    An important service to help you get treated at hospitals and other local medical institutions.
  • Delivery of essential medicine
    Receive the drugs and medical supplies you need, even if they are not locally available.
  • Medical translation
    Telephone translation services to help communicate with local doctors in case of medical emergencies.
  • Arrangement and payment of emergency medical evacuation
    Transferred to the hospital nearest to you that is capable of appropriate medical and health care services.

Overseas travel assistance service

  • Re-arrangement of travel plans
    Help with rescheduling flights, hotels and travel planning when emergencies prevent you from travelling as planned.
  • Emergency legal aid
    Connection to local law firms to assist with bail or other legal procedures.

Overseas travel security recommendations

  • The Aid Center works around the clock, 365 days a year to provide the latest travel security tips and expert insights, including:

    Pre-travel precautions

    Security and risk control recommendations

    Emergency response advice

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