Set your children on the pathway to success by planning for their education abroad now. Our global team of experts are ready to provide you with the right financial products and asset management plans you need to turn your dreams for their futures into reality.

Key benefits

  • Make fast and secure tuition payments online to academic institutions covered by our HSBC International Education Payment System.
  • Make an appointment to open a free overseas account before you go, and enjoy dedicated support once you return.
  • Transfer foreign currencies between your accounts wherever you are. Help your children transfer funds between different accounts with your real-time global account status.
  • Our global network covers more than 100 cities, including popular education, travel and immigration hubs London, New York, Vancouver and Hong Kong.
  • Access global emergency assistance while studying abroad and get special offers as a Premier Travel Credit Card holder.

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Spend a summer at prestigious schools of Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and more. HSBC Premier and Jade customers enjoy priority applicant review and 15% off program tuition.

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China Thinks Big (CTB) is China’s premier high school research and innovation competition, initiated by Harvard University, giving talented high school students around the country the opportunity to demonstrate their intellectual creativity. Most recently, HSBC became the official sponsor of CTB.

5 steps to consider when planning an international education (Chinese only)

  1. Understanding international education systems: Learn more about the education systems in popular international education hubs, including the US, the UK, Canada and Australia, and arrange your finances in advance.
  2. Developing a study-abroad strategy: Check the global ranking and admission criteria of your institutions of choice, and prepare all your materials and language proficiency tests with our application checklists.
  3. Preparing for departure: Get ready for your studies abroad with a list of essential items, including Chinese individual education programmes and international education loans.
  4. Arrange for your life abroad: Access your finances from abroad with support from our Global Transfers and international services.
  5. Life after graduation: Set your own path whether you’re returning home or staying abroad for a career, we’ll take care of your wealth for you.

International education services

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The experts at our International Banking Centres can open overseas HSBC accounts for you even before you depart to your new home country so you can relax and enjoy your overseas experience. 

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We have upgraded the popular HSBC International Education Payment System to version 2.0. 

Now you can complete FX exchanges online to pay for your tuition fees via our system.

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Make cross-border transfers in foreign currencies between your accounts wherever you are, or browse your global account status in real time to check your expenses and those of your children.

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Our global network covers more than 100 cities, including popular education, travel and immigration hubs like London, New York, Vancouver and Hong Kong. You can count on our support and service globally.

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Start your journey abroad with HSBC Premier Travel Credit Card and earn double bonus points when spending abroad.

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We understand that accidents can happen, so we provide easy encashments and card replacement services for you and your family should such an emergency arise. Instant cash up to USD2,000 can be arranged for you from HSBC branches worldwide.