Time Deposits provide multiple deposit tenors and guaranteed returns to help you manage your RMB assets.

Key features

  • Minimum balance requirement of RMB50
  • Six available deposit tenors: 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years and 5 years

How to Apply

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HSBC “Step Up” Time Deposit

HSBC RMB Time Deposit promotion offers bonus interest rate to deliver optimal returns on your investments in managing short and long-term financial goals. The promotion is valid from 2 December 2019 to 31 December 2019. With this RMB Time Deposit offer, you will enjoy interest rate higher than that of HSBC’s board rate, more flexibility in interest settlement and minimum loss on early withdrawal.


  • Interest is payable after each Interest Period. For each relevant term, customers will earn additional interest on the Top-up Amount.
  • Get your interest early. Interest can be withdrew or credited into the debiting account to earn interest on interest or used for life expense.
  • Minimum loss on early withdrawal and no effect on earned interest

Promotion application:

Customers may sign up for this promotion by submitting a completed “HSBC personal term deposit promotion application” at HSBC branch. 

HSBC Promotion application example

1. Tenor 1: 1st- 6th month

   1,000,000 * 1.5%/360 * 180 = 7,500

2. Tenor 2: 7th-12th month

   1,000,000 * 2%/360 * 180 = 10,000

3. Tenor 3: 13th – 18th month

   1,000,000 * 2.5% /360 * 180 = 12,500

4. Tenor 4: 19th – 24th month

   1,000,000 * 4%/360 * 180 = 20,000

5. Tenor 5: 25th – 30th month

   1,000,000 * 5%/350 * 180 = 25,000

6. Tenor 6: 31th – 36th month

   1,000,000 * 6%/360 * 180 = 30,000

Three-year total interest is 105,000, average interest rate (p.a.) is 3.5%.

Products and application




Fund Requirement
Single deposit amount
Interest Period
Interest Rate of Each Cycle
Support Fully Withdrawal(Y/N)
Maturity Instruction
Promotion Quota
(Chinese only)



New Fund
RMB 10,000

Cycle1: 1.1%

Cycle2: 1.6%

Cycle3: 2.0%

Cycle4: 2.7%

Annualized Average

Rate: 1.85%

(1Y TMD Board Rate 1.75%)

No roll-over
see details
New Fund
RMB 10,000

Cycle1: 0.80%

Cycle2: 1.00%

Cycle3: 1.30%

Cycle4: 1.80%
Cycle5: 2.20%
Cycle6: 2.90%
Cycle7: 3.60%
Cycle8: 4.80%

Annualized Average      

Rate: 2.30%

  (2Y TMD Board Rate 2.25%)

Y No roll-over
see details
New Fund
USD 5,000

Cycle1: 0.20%


 Cycle3: 1.10%

Annualized Average

Rate: 1.00%
(1Y TMD Board Rate 0.6%)

No roll-over
USD 100 million
see details

* Visit HSBC branch or contact our hotline 400-820-8878 for further information. Please refer to application form of specific deposit offer for final terms and conditions.

* This promotions is exclusive to new fund application. “New fund” means a deposit of funds from outside of HSBC into an Eligible Account, based on the account balance in 31 October 2019.

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Please dial China country code +86 if you are calling from overseas

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