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What's the right investment for you?

Wealth can allow you to enjoy life to the fullest, but it can actually do so much more than that. Grow your wealth through investments so you can worry less about money in the future.

You don't need to have a high net worth to invest. If you have cash in your account at the end of each month, ask yourself if investing would be a better option instead of letting your money sit idle.

  • Leaving your money in your savings account is a very safe option, but inflation will devalue that cash over time.
  • Investing, on the other hand, may help you create more wealth with your money. But when you make an investment, your returns cannot be fully guaranteed, or may only be guaranteed to a certain extent. You may even lose some of your capital as all investments come with risks. This is why you must also consider the risks involved even when you do see returns on your investments.

Your interest in investing may be the result of a number of reasons: growing your wealth, dealing with inflation, or preparing an inheritance for your children. Investing may be the right choice for you if:

  • You have sufficient cash deposits to cope with any unforeseen circumstances
  • You are willing to assume the associated risks to receive expected investment gains
  • You're happy to invest your money in investment products without using these funds within a fixed period
  • You know your risk appetite well

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