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Elite Wealth Planning

How to join HSBC Premier Elite

Tailored Investment Outlook

  • Our quarterly newsletter explores major global asset trends and investment perspectives. With a focus on a range of important investment themes, it aims to provide insightful and actionable information, investigates future challenges and opportunities, and gathers ideas from HSBC and third-party experts to help you build a strong investment portfolio.

Comprehensive Product Shelves

Our all-round financial services encompass a wide array of products and solutions to suit all your needs.

  • Structured deposits (launched by HSBC China)
    Enjoy exclusive structured deposits and tailor-made solutions
  • Overseas Investment Plan (launched by HSBC China)
    Get exclusive subscription rate discounts* and share the potential benefits of the overseas assets
  • Insurance (distributed by HSBC China)
    Access preferential underwriting rules, exclusive insurance and after-sales services
  • Asset management plan**
    Enjoy unique flexibility in growing your wealth with access to a wider range of investments compared to mutual funds.

* Please refer to the offer announcement for details on Overseas Investment Plan preferential rates.

** These asset management plans are issued and managed by mutual fund company. Under no circumstance will the sales agent be liable for the responsibilities of investment, redemption and risk management of products.

Legacy Planning

It's important to start planning your succession strategy early so you can support your family and protect your legacy for future generations.

HSBC Premier Elite has integrated global resources and professional expertise to guide you through the process of legacy planning.

How to start your legacy planning

  • Who inherits?
    We offer diversified product configurations and planning solutions to help you understand your financial situation and goals, so you have flexibility when choosing your beneficiaries.
  • When to transfer assets?
    Our legacy planning experts look at factors such as your targeted total net worth, owned assets and life expectancy to ease the difficult task of deciding when your heirs will receive their inheritance.
  • How will they receive it?
    We offer multiple investment and insurance products to meet your needs, including insurance, bonds, funds, and partial CPI products. We also work with third party experts, such as tax firms and law firms, to help you cover every angle as you start your legacy planning.

Next Generation Programmes

We know the next generation is pivotal to your succession plan. That's why we're working with global  partners to provide training courses and internship programmes for your next generation, so they can get the best head start they need by developing their potential and planning ahead.

What's the Core in Legacy Planning

  • We provide timely market commentaries and trend outlooks on global legacy planning to help you understand how to protect your family wealth.
  • We offer one-stop customised legacy plans to suit your life goals.
  • We partner with leading industry players* to offer you sound tax and legal consultations.
  • Choose from a comprehensive and diversified range of wealth management products for your portfolio. This includes life insurance products to ensure your family will be well provided for, no matter what happens.
  • Leverage our legacy planning tools to protect yourself and your heirs financially
  • We launched the 'Become Elite Camp', 'Leadership Camp', 'Future Elite Club' and other projects to help you cultivate your next generation.

*Related service are provided by third parties.

How to join HSBC Premier Elite

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