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HSBC Premier Elite

As a refined, dimensional-upgrade service to Premier, dedicated to provide elevated benefits to you. Your passions and goals are at the core of everything we've designed
How to join HSBC Premier Elite

Sixth consecutive win for HSBC China! We’ve been named 'International Retail Bank of the Year' at the 2022 Asian Banking and Finance Awards.

Welcome to join HSBC Premier Elite, you'll start to experience extraordinary privilege. Seize the exclusive investment opportunities, and take the lead.

  • Immerge your life in prestige experiences with HSBC Premier Elite, enjoy customised financial solutions and exclusive concierge services.
  • Leaning on the connectivity across 3 markets, we drive all of our efforts and global resources to offer you the highly professional services, and uncover the truth behind the mysterious mist of wealth for you.

Already an HSBC Premier Elite member?

You can also call our advisors or your Elite relationship manager, anytime, or book an appointment at one of our branches for concierge services.

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Elite Wealth Management

  • Tailored wealth insights
    Our quarterly published tailored investment outlook explores major global asset trends and investment themes. With a focus on a range of insightful and actionable information, it investigates future challenges and opportunities, and gathers ideas from HSBC and third-party experts to help you build a strong investment portfolio.
  • Comprehensive wealth and distributed products

    Our all-round financial services encompass a wide array of products and solutions to suit all your needs.
  • One-stop legacy planning
    We integrate global resources and professional expertise to guide you through the process of legacy planning.

Elite Global Connectivity

  • Premier Elite Passport

    Enjoy selected Premier Elite/Jade benefits and exclusive offers in the markets of mainland China, Hong Kong SAR and Singapore with Premier Elite Passport*. As a Premier Elite customer in mainland China and Singapore, or a Jade customer in Hong Kong SAR, you can now enjoy benefits with a Premier Elite Passport in mainland China and Singapore or a Jade Passport in Hong Kong SAR. Your status in one country or region unlocks access to selected exclusive products, preferential rates, discounts and an enhanced level of service in these three Asia markets.

    * Please refer to the information published by HSBC Hong Kong and Singapore for the specific standards that apply to having a Premier Elite Passport with them.

  • Enhanced SLAs for opening overseas accounts
    We provide priority services for overseas account openings and dedicated support from our senior relationship managers in Hong Kong SAR and Singapore.

Elite Banking Service

  • VIP banking services
    Get support from an expert team of senior relationship managers and dedicated product professionals, priority services at branches or through phone banking, up to a RMB5,000,000 electric transfer limit through online banking.
  • Preferential pricing and additional fee waivers
    Enjoy preferential rates on retail banking products (such as deposits, foreign exchange, etc.), as well as a fee waiver for most transactions. In addition, you may receive an annual fee waiver for your HSBC Premier Travel Credit Card.

Elite Tailored Privileges

  • You can enjoy:
  • 24/7 access to professional concierge services by Ten Lifestyle Group
  • Exclusive client health benefits*: a total of 3 outpatient appointments at selected hospital per year
  • Access to selected high-end golf courses across the country through our concierge services
  • Focusing on 'legacy planning' and 'international lifestyle' choice, we launch regularly exclusive events tailored to your needs via our online and offline exchange platforms
  • Free 20-30 mins legal and tax consulting services provided by our partners* 
  • Book medical check-ups through a VIP channel before going abroad, so you and your family can prepare for your trip with peace of mind

*Related services are provided by third parties

How to join HSBC Premier Elite

If HSBC Premier Bank Account holders meet any of the following eligibility criteria, they may be eligible for HSBC Premier Elite.

  1. Total Relationship Balance (as defined in the Tariff of Accounts and Services for Wealth and Personal Banking Customers) of all the accounts under the same customer number is greater than or equal to CNY6 million or equivalent, or other amount as determined by the bank at our sole discretion from time to time ("Qualifying Balance"). Any account balance held by you with HSBC in other jurisdictions will not be taken into account. We will give you prior notice of any change of the Qualifying Balance by way of display in our official website or by such other method as we may decide; OR
  2. Total Relationship Balance (as defined in the Tariff of Accounts and Services for Wealth and Personal Banking Customers) of all family members of one Premier PUBLIC Family with the bank is greater than or equal to CNY12 million or equivalent, or other amount as determined by the bank at our sole discretion from time to time; OR
  3. Customers who had approval from the Bank on his/her Home Mortgage Loan application and signed the Home Mortgage Loan contract, and the Home Mortgage Loan drawdown amount is no less than CNY6 million or equivalent and the value of your mortgaged property is no less than CNY20 million or equivalent; OR
  4. The total balance of the "investment or wealth products" is greater than or equal to CNY3 million or equivalent.
  5. Annualised premium of term life insurance products is greater than or equal to CNY1.5 million or equivalent; OR premium of single payment insurance products is greater than or equal to CNY15 million or equivalent.

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The information provided is intended as a general guide for reference.

Benefits and features of the services shall be subject to relevant terms and conditions and local regulatory restrictions.

Please refer to the Tariff of Accounts and Services for Wealth and Personal Banking Business or Premier Welcome Pack for detailed information.

Certain benefits and features are not applicable to Junior Account holders. To learn more, contact our customer service hotline or visit a branch.

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