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Couple sorting clothes; image used for get help with overseas housing with Uhomes

Get help with overseas housing with Uhomes

Details of overseas housing services

From 20 April 2020 to 30 September 2020, qualified* HSBC Premier customers are entitled to overseas housing rental support and benefits** from Uhomes:

Short-term overseas rental support

  • Flexible in duration, with leases as short as 1 day:
    Many Chinese students studying overseas need short-term rentals because of the coronavirus outbreak. We consult with apartment landlords to fix check-in and check-out dates.
  • Tenancy cancellations and alterations:
    If you have to break your tenancy because of a local response to coronavirus, we will open a channel for reviewing and cancelling the reservations. (Apartment rental policies vary from region to region, so please consult with Uhomes if you have any questions.)

Long-term overseas accommodation support

  • RMB300 discount:
    HSBC Premier clients will receive additional RMB300 discount if they book an accommodation for a term of 6 months or more. This benefit is in addition to other discounts.
  • Help with changing accommodations:
    Uhomes helps you consult with landlords if you need to change accommodation in response to epidemic containment needs in the dormitory/apartment/area you are residing.

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