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HSBC Premier Family

The upgraded HSBC Premier Family services offer money management, family protection and financial planning solutions to meet the unique needs of you and your loved ones.

Sharing your privileges with your family

Your family is Premier

Maintain an average Total Relationship Balance of RMB500,000 (or foreign currency equivalent) across your family's accounts, for you and your family to enjoy the privileges of HSBC Premier with no monthly fees.

An example of excellent financial management shared by the whole family: If there are 3 people in the family, and the average monthly average daily account balance of the family members’ accounts is higher than or equal to 500,000 RMB/equivalent foreign currency, you and your family can be promoted to HSBC Excellence Financial customers.

Family finances at a glance

Use Family View on HSBC Mobile Banking to keep track of your family's finances1 in real time, including their transaction details and investment portfolios.

1. Upon user authorisation. However, you can view the details and transactions of your children's Junior Account by default.

Use Family View on HSBC Mobile Banking, you can browse the detailed interface of family members' account assets and transaction status (including transaction details and investment portfolio, etc.).

Overseas2 and domestic payments

  • Global Transfer to family
    Want to move your foreign currency faster? You can make global transfers to your accounts, and to any accounts under the same HSBC Premier Family in seconds, free of charge.
  • HSBC International Education Payment System
    Make fast online tuition payments to your children's schools covered by our system.
  • Instant e-payments
    Transfer your money digitally with HSBC Online Banking, HSBC Mobile Banking and WeChat banking. You can also make e-payments by linking your HSBC account to third-party payment platforms, including Alipay and WeChat Pay.

2. Including overseas regions, Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR and Taiwan.

HSBC Premier Junior Account

If you're already an HSBC Premier customer, you have the option of applying for an HSBC Premier Junior Account for your child (aged between 14-18 years old). That way, your children, you and/or your spouse will all be able to enjoy exclusive HSBC Premier family services. Use the 'Family View' option on your HSBC China Mobile Banking app to keep track of your children’s finances in real time, including their transactions. To help them manage their money better, you can also set up daily transfer and spending caps for them, as well as third-party payment limits.

Build a future for your loved ones with Family Protection

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Protect your family

Give your family a complete protection with high-end health and critical illness insurance.

  • High-end health insurance lowers your medical bills and provides you with customised services including global claims, preferential treatment and specialist consultation.
  • Critical illness insurance protects your family with a lump-sum payout. You can allocate the sum assured to cover your medical expenses or lost income during treatment.
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Prepare for your child's education

Our exclusive education fund gives you a steady income to ensure long-term financial protection.

  • Plan and save your money for lower risk investments.
  • Reserved exclusively for education, the fund can be used to support your children's study no matter what economic state you are in.
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Retirement planning for you and your loved one

Build up a retirement fund with your annuity.

  • Our annuities help you take a systematic approach to retirement and achieve your goals.
  • Benefit from a stable long-term income less responsive to government policy and market volatility.
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Pass down your legacy

Whole life insurance gives you a financial protection, and guards your liquid assets and wealth legacy.

  • Life-long annuity payouts complemented by incremental whole life insurance help you meet your long-term liquid asset needs.
  • Create a life-long income to ensure quality of life.

Exclusive family health privileges and services

HSBC and our partners work together to provide you with the exclusive healthcare solutions you need:

  • Physical examination
    Enjoy exclusive discounts when you book a health check with established medical examination institutions.
  • Health journal
    Our online journal gives you useful tips to stay healthy and covers hot topics from healthcare and wellness.

Explore more healthcare solutions to meet your family's needs in the HSBC Rewards Mall:

  • Get screened at 3A hospitals or established check-up centres
    Get your health checked at a 3A well-established check-up centre. We and our partner will guide you through booking, registration, examination and report collection. Then, an independent doctor will provide phone consultation to help explain your medical report to you.
  • Take care of your health with check-up package
    Get your body checked at a renowned check-up centre. We and our partner will guide you through booking, registration, examination and report collection. Then, an independent doctor will provide phone consultation to help explain your medical report to you.
  • Access fast-track assessment
    If you are feeling unwell, a medical specialist will evaluate your condition and arrange suitable doctors and medical referrals for effective and timely treatment.

Grow your family wealth

  • Dedicated Relationship Manager
    You'll receive personal service and bespoke wealth management solutions from a dedicated Relationship Manager who understands you and your family's needs.
  • Family investment portfolio at a glance
    Use HSBC Mobile Banking to keep track of your family's3 finances, including their deposits, investments and insurance portfolios.
  • Financial Health Check
    Our all-round financial tool gives you a better view of your family's needs and financial situation based on your investment, retirement, education and protection goals.

3. Available upon authorisation of family members if they are adults.

We are always working hard to provide more comprehensive support to you and your family. We'll be bringing you more family wealth management solutions and services next year.

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HSBC and Me

Father's smile

"My daughter is about to head off to university in the US. I was quite anxious because this is the first time she will be going abroad on her own.

I was worried about everything: whether she can adapt to life overseas, whether I've given her too little money or whether I've given her too much money and she'd end up spending it extravagantly.

But I'm a lot less anxious since my Relationship Manager told me about HSBC Premier Family. With Global Transfer to Family, I can send her money fast if she needs it. And with transaction limit management, I can manage her spending.

We paid her tuition fees using the HSBC International Education Payment System. We also made an overseas account opening appointment so her account would be ready before she arrives in the US. I even set up an exclusive education fund for her. That way, if anything happens, she'll be able to withdraw money from this fund without being affected by market volatility."

Now, I can rest easy. HSBC Premier Family is a great help to parents like us!

The information provided is intended as a general guide for reference.

Benefits and features of the services shall be subject to relevant terms and conditions and local regulatory restrictions.

Please refer to the Tariff of Accounts and Services for Personal Customers or Premier Welcome Pack for detailed information.

Certain benefits and features are not applicable to Junior Account holders. To learn more, contact our customer service hotline or visit a branch.