Sources of income explained

Three sources of income:


  • Accessible savings from your accounts
  • Long-term savings to be accessed in an emergency
  • Insurance payouts from policies you've taken out

You often get a better interest rate by locking away part of your savings but it's a good idea to keep a portion of your savings accessible in case of unforeseen problems. 

Ideally, you should save the equivalent of three to six months' wages. Make sure you have instant access to your account if you need this money.

Putting your excess money into time deposits or fixed-term investments is a good way to save for retirement. But it does mean your money may not be easily accessible and you may face a penalty for withdrawing before a certain date.

Make sure you always have easy access to an adequate emergency fund. You should also regularly review time deposits and investments to make sure they continue to suit your needs. 

Insurance is one of the most comprehensive and common ways to protect your family, home and possessions. There are products which will pay out in the event of your death or if you become ill, while you can also insure your most important personal possessions against damage or theft.

  • Term and Whole of life insurance policies will pay a sum to your family in the event of your death. Your family can use the money to clear debts, pay off a mortgage or cover education costs and other everyday expenses.
  • Serious or critical illness cover insures you against a range of illnesses and accidents. You'll need to check carefully what is and isn't covered under your policy. 

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