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HSBC in Greater China

Capture investment opportunities with our Greater China services.

With our broad understanding of the local market and years of experience operating in the Greater China region, our Greater China services are unparalleled. Capture opportunities whether you're in mainland China, Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan or anywhere else in the world.

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Invest with HSBC China to access in-depth global market insights

Our team of experts will work with your relationship manager to provide you with the necessary support and advice to optimise your global asset management.

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Stay Premier wherever you go: Dedicated support is provided no matter where you are in the world. Being Premier doesn’t stop when you cross the border. You'll get Premier status, wherever you bank with us.

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HSBC Premier offers a comprehensive support in global banking, as well as personal and family wealth management services to help you embrace a fuller life.

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Conduct domestic and international transfers and remittances with ease. You can visit our branch or use Phone Banking, Internet Banking, WeChat and Mobile Banking at your convenience.

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Enjoy the convenience of real-time foreign currency exchange services via online banking and at our branches.

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Foreign exchange risk: If the investment currency is not your base currency, and you choose to convert the investment proceeds back to your base currency, you may suffer loss in your investment principle due to exchange fluctuations.