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Comprehensive travel protection, covering- accidents, sickness, belongings and travel inconvenience.

Key features

  • Compliant with Schengen Visa requirements, no limits on travel destination
  • 24-hour worldwide emergency travel assistance and medical service
  • Full coverage on injuries caused by terrorism
  • Covers amateur sports and activities
  • Special coverage for laptop and mobile phone 
  • Full policy claims without deductibles

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Summary of cover

What’s included?

  • Personal accident and medical protection: including accidental death, burns, disability suffered and reimbursement of medical expenses incurred 
  • 24-hour worldwide emergency assistance service: including emergency personal mobile phone charges and medical evacuation and repatriation
  • Personal Effects Coverage: Including loss of baggage and personal belongings loss of money and travel documents and loss of credit card(s)
  • Travel inconvenience: including travel delays, baggage delays and travel cancellation
  • Personal liability: including legal expenses and compensation for bodily injury or property damage to a third party due to an accident.
  • Optional coverage: could include sports equipment, car rental excess

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Additional benefits

More help when you need it.

When the unexpected happens, this policy can offer you more support with additional benefits.

Flexible combination of short-term/annual/family plans meeting your diverse needs in the most economic way.

The above information is for reference use only. If there are discrepancies between the website and the Policy contract, the information in the Policy contract will prevail.

Excluded liabilities

What's excluded?

  1. During war, military operations, insurrection or military uprisings; war or relevant operations (whether war be declared or not), act of terrorism, invasion, hostilities, acts of foreign enemy, civil war, strike, civil disobedience, rebellion, revolution, civil uprising, military or usurped power.
  2. Any explosion, burns, contamination or radiation caused by any biological, chemical or atomic weapon, atomic or nuclear device.
  3. Injury intentionally caused by the policy holder or beneficiary, or self-inflicted injury or committing suicide by the Insured Person no matter if he/she is in a normal mental status.

The above information is for reference use only. If there are discrepancies between the website and the Policy contract, the information in the Policy contract will prevail.

Product documents

Read more about the features of this product and see how it can benefit you and your family, as well as details on how to apply.

Learn more about our Terms and Agreements from below Policy Contract.


Application eligibility:

  • The total benefit payable is subject to the maximum limit as stated in the policy schedule;
  • Insurable age: 1-64 years old;
  • This policy shall not exceed the "accidental death, burns and disability" benefit limit for a person under 18 years old (RMB100,000), as specified by China Insurance Regulatory Commission and "Public Transport Accident Insurance" benefit is not available for the insured persons under 18 years old;
  • The maximum length of each insured trip is 182 days in case the protection plan is valid for one year;
  • This policy covers travel outside mainland China including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

Case study

Case 1

Ms Cui and her friends bought 10 days coverage through the Smart Elite Crown Plan with a RMB320 premium (policy number T3101****), before they travelled to Germany.  

On March 5, 2016, Ms Cui was robbed in the Berlin airport. She lost her travel documents, personal belongings and some cash. The loss was reported with a total value of RMB11,500.  The insurance company paid her the full payment of this claim.

Case 2

Mr. Pan went to Thailand and had purchased a Smart Elite Diamond Plan which consisted of 7 days coverage, and a premium of RMB198 (policy number IT3101****) 

On December 3, 2015, Mr. Pan’s tourist bus was in an accident and several people were severely injured, including Mr. Pan.  He received over RMB50,000 towards medical expenses. AXA insurance company eventually balance the accident to all claims.

The claim for this accident has been fully covered by AXA insurance company.

Information on the insurance company

Profile of the insurance company

  • AXATP was established by the merger of Tian Ping Auto Insurance Company Limited, the first company in China to specialise in auto-insurance, and the wholly-owned China subsidiary of the largest global insurance group.
  • The headquarters of AXATP is located in Shanghai’s Lu Jia Zui financial district with a registered capital of RMB846 million.

Contact information of the insurance company

  • 95550

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