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Important notice: This is a participating insurance product, the dividend depends on the specific operating conditions.

Key features

  • Short payment period, early annuity payment
  • Flexible and multiple usages, customized payment options
  • Potential dividend to maintain and increase value

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Summary of cover

What's included?

  • Annuity: 100% basic insurance amount.
  • Death Benefit: the cumulative total premium OR the present value, whichever is greater.
  • Dividend allocation: cash collection or accumulated interest.
The above information is for reference use only. If there are discrepancies between the website and the Policy contract, the information in the Policy contract will prevail.

Additional benefits

More help when you need it. 

When the unexpected happens, this policy can offer you more support with additional benefits.

  • Automatic Premium Loan
    The insurance company will pay from the cash value any premium due at the end of the grace period in order to prevent lapse of the policy. 
  • Policy Loan
    During the insurance period, you may apply for a Policy Loan from the insurance company up to 80% of the policy's cash surrender value.
The above information is for reference use only. If there are discrepancies between the website and the Policy contract, the information in the Policy contract will prevail.

Excluded liabilities

What's excluded?

  1. The policyholder deliberately kills or injures the insured;
  2. The insured commits crimes, or resists any compulsory criminal measures that are legally imposed;
  3. The insured takes or injects drugs by his/her own volition;
  4. The insured commits drunk driving, drives a motor vehicle  without a legitimate and valid driver’s license, or driving permit;
  5. War, military conflict, riot or armed rebellion;
  6. The insured is infected with HIV or acquires AIDS (Except for blood transfusion); 
  7. Nuclear explosion, radiation or contamination.
The above information is for reference use only. If there are discrepancies between the website and the Policy contract, the information in the Policy contract will prevail.

Product documents

Get a general understanding of the product’s features and find out how to apply.

Learn more about the product agreement from below Policy Contract.


Application eligibility:

Issue age: 30 days - 55 years old 

Case study

Mr. Xu, 45 years old, a private business owner, has a child of 15 years old. He is planning to arrange a portion of his pension to ensure the quality of future retirement when he has sufficient funds. If other assets are operated successfully, the money can also be inheritance. Mr. Xu bought [Feng Ying Nian Nian Insurance Plan] annuity products, with the insurance amount of RMB 100,000,  payment perios of 3 years, insurance period of 25 years, at the annual premium of RMB 271,159. Mr. Xu can enjoy the benefits as below:

Option 1: Annually supplementary pension payment - After the completion of the payment, Mr. Xu retires at the age of 60. He can receive RMB 100,000 per year as a supplementary pension from 61 years to 70 years old, and enjoy the potential annual dividend.

Option 2:  Family inheritance - After the completion of the payment, the business runs smoothly. Mr. Xu decides to be paid with a lump-sum at the age of 70 instead of annuity so his child can inherit the wealth at the age of 40. This lump-sum may vary based on the level of dividends: RMB 1,146,388 if dividends level at low-range, RMB 1,586,937 if dividends level at mid-range, or RMB 1,846,083 if dividends level at high-range.

Information on the insurance company

Profile of the insurance company
Sino-US United MetLife Insurance Company Limited (NYSE: Metlife China) was incorporated as a joint venture company formed by a subsidiary of MetLife, Inc. and Shanghai Alliance Investment Ltd. (SAIL) Supported by the MetLife companies' experience in the insurance industry and SAIL's expertise in the Chinese market, MetLife China is committed to providing trusted and professional insurance solutions to customers in China. MetLife China o ers life, health and accident insurance as well as savings products to individuals in over twenty cities all over China through its career agency, bank partners, direct marketing & digital Marketing, Group & Employee Bene t channels. For more information about MetLife China, please visit the company’s website at

Contact information of the insurance company

Sino-US United MetLife Insurance Co., Ltd

Central Plaza 15/F,No 227 North Huangpi Road,Shanghai

Service Hotline: 400-818-8168


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