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With an annual maximum coverage of RMB28 million, AXATP “SmartCare Elite” Individual Health Insurance provides a total solution, providing you high quality healthcare coupled with an easy claims processing service.

Key features

  • Flexible choice of medical services across multiple geographic locations
  • Direct billing service for both Inpatients and Outpatients
  • 24-hour emergency assistance service
  • Highly inclusive International medical cover

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Summary of cover

What’s included?

  • Inpatient coverage: Covers hospitalisation for day surgery / treatments or longer stays, when the insured person sustains an injury or suffers from an illness or medical emergency.
  • Outpatient coverage: Covers the insured person for outpatient services
  • Dental coverage: Covers insured person for dental treatments like dentures, routine checkups and cleaning etc.
  • Maternity coverage: Covers the insured person for standard childbirth, prenatal complications, antenatal examinations and postnatal check-up
  • Medical examination coverage: Medical costs reimbursed for preventive treatment including routine physical check-ups, health screening, or vaccinations.
  • Expensive medical services: The insured person can decide whether to include cover for expensive medical services or providers into the healthcare plan 

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Additional benefits

More help when you need it. 

When the unexpected happens, this policy can offer you more support with additional benefits.

  • Emergency dental care
  • Emergency medical service
  • 24-hour rescue service

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Excluded liabilities

What's excluded?

  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • Illness related to sexually transmitted disease (STD) and HIV
  • Suicide or attempted suicide(s) 
  • Injuries which result from a violation, or attempted violation of the law or such as arrest or attempted arrest 

The above information is for reference use only. If there are discrepancies between the website and the Policy contract, the information in the Policy contract will prevail.

Product documents

Read more about the features of this product and see how it can benefit you and your family, as well as details on how to apply.

Learn more about our Terms and Agreements from below Policy Contract.


Application eligibility

  • Adults from 18 to 74 years old
  • Children from 15 days to 18 years old 
  • Live, study or work in the regions where AXATP has a business license
  • Please inform the insurance company immediately if you stop living in mainland China for a period of three consecutive months

Case study

Case 1

Ms Wang, 28 years old and recently married, is planning to fall pregnant. She has selected the China Diamond plan. Her annual premium is RMB34,299, covering an annual inpatient up to RMB13 million per year, outpatient up to RMB30,000 per year, dental up to RMB5,000 per year, and maternity protection up to RMB80,000 per year.

Case 2

Ms Chen, 31 years old, selected the China Platinum plan for her 2-year-old son and herself, with a premium of RMB35,206 per year (after receiving a family discount of 5% for two people covered). Ms Chen and her baby can now both enjoy: Inpatient cover up to RMB13 million per year, outpatient cover up to RMB30,000 per year, and dental cover up to RMB5,000 per year.

Case 3

Mr Ian Thomas, 35 years old, expat now working in China but still frequently travelling overseas. He selected the International Diamond plan (excluding USA) with an annual premium of USD4,334. His insurance benefits include: Inpatient cover up to RMB20 million per year, outpatient cover up to RMB60,000 per year, dental cover up to RMB8,000 per year, and is covered internationally*

*excludes USA

Case 4

Mr Cao, a 40 years old senior executive of an international trading company.  His wife is 38 years old and they have a 10-year-old daughter. Due to his work, he frequently travels overseas on business. He selected the Worldwide plan with an annual premium of RMB120,796 (after receiving a 10% family discount for three people covered). They all respectively enjoy inpatient cover up to RMB28 million per year, outpatient cover up to RMB120,000 per year, dental cover up to RMB10,000 per year and global medical coverage.

Information on the insurance company

Profile of the insurance company

  • AXATP was established by the merger between Tian Ping Auto Insurance Company Limited, the first company in China specialising in auto-insurance, and the wholly-owned China subsidiary of the largest global insurance group.
  • The headquarters of AXATP is located in Shanghai Lujiazui financial district with a registered capital of RMB864 million.

Contact information of the insurance company

  • 95550

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