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Security Device user guide

What is a Security Device?

A Security Device is a small and portable electronic device about the size of half of a credit card. You'll need it to generate a one-time Security Code or Transaction Data Signing code when you log on to or make transactions via HSBC China's digital channels (Online Banking, Mobile Banking and WeChat Service Account).

To activate your Security Device, you'll need to set up a 6-digit PIN first, which will be used to start the device and protect it from potential security threats.

Get started with your Security Device

  • We've launched Digital Authentication to bring you a safer and faster way to bank, online and on mobile, without the need to carry a physical security device. Activate Digital Authentication on the HSBC China Mobile Banking app now to log on or make transactions, the new way.
  • If you still prefer to apply for a physical security device, call our customer service hotline on 95366 to get one.

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