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Mobile Banking/ WeChat

1. How to download the iPhone or Android client of the mobile bank?

You can download the mobile banking via ways as below: 

1) Click the HSBC mobile banking website to download the iPhone or Android client.

2) You can search for HSBC Mobile Banking in the App Store (IOS) for iPhone client. For Android client , you can search in Baidu APP store or Huawei APP store.

3) You can also follow the HSBC China WeChat Service Account and click 'My HSBC' - 'Contact HSBC' -  'Download the Mobile Banking' to get more information.

HSBC China Mobile Banking App

2. How to bind WeChat account

1) After followed the HSBC China WeChat Service Account , you can input 'Binding' and click the binding account section. 

2) Read the Terms & Conditions, then click the 'Accept' button.

3) Enter the required information, including name, ID type( passport, ID card…),ID number(case sensitive), account type( Debit Card/ Credit Card/Account number),the last four digits of cards and reserved mobile phone number.

4) Enter the verification code and click 'Confirm' button.

5) You can click the 'Confirm' button when the screen shows 'Binding successful' .

Binding WeChat account procedure