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Why invest with HSBC?

Find out more about the investment products and services offered by HSBC China.

Key benefits

  • Connect your investment with global opportunities, and optimise your global asset management
    Investing with HSBC means gaining access to a world of investment: equities in emerging markets, or funds from around the globe.
  • Diversified investment portfolio from a wide range of HSBC investment products
    Whatever your goals and experience, we have an investment product for you. See what you could invest with us.
  • Online and mobile wealth management
    Take complete control of your investment with our online platforms.
  • Personalised advice provided by our professional relationship managers
    When you invest with us, our advisers take the time to understand your financial goals. They will discuss your current financial status with you, and look at how best to achieve your objectives. Periodic portfolio reviews will ensure your investment continues to match your goals and are tailored to your needs.

How to invest

HSBC Online Banking

You will need a Security Device or two-factor authentication to log on and apply. 

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Please dial the country code of mainland China +86 if you are calling from overseas, Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, or Taiwan

Frequently asked questions

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