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HSBC China Vice President Li Feng invited Mr Qiu Zhonghai, member of the Xinmin International Education Expert Advisory Board and President of Shanghai Qibao Dwight High School, to the Xinmin International Education Forum to share his insights on how education can help students self-actualise.

"When choosing a school, parents should examine the curriculum, teachers, school management, and campus atmosphere. Students should be involved in this process and be part of the final decision-making process. Education should not be limited to arts and science, but also include ethics and soft skills", Mr Qiu said.

We co-hosted the Xinmin International Education Forum with the Xinmin International Education Expert Advisory Board at the Shanghai Qibao Dwight High School on 26 November 2017. Mr Qiu Zhonghai, President of the school, and Vice Presidents Ms Wang Fang and Ms Brantley Turner were invited to share their thoughts on international education.

Their advice for parents planning for a child's education was to start understanding their specialties and personal interests first, while students who want an international education should start preparing themselves in their core subjects, English language skills, and basic life skills.


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China Thinks Big (CTB) is China’s premier high school research and innovation competition, initiated by Harvard University, giving talented high school students around the country the opportunity to demonstrate their intellectual creativity. Most recently, HSBC became the official sponsor of CTB.

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From December 2017 to February 2018, HSBC hosted International Education Forums in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, themed 'Empowering international education'. Experts in this field were invited to share the latest trends in education and their insights of education methodologies.

International education services

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We have upgraded the popular HSBC International Education Payment System to version 2.0. 

Now you can complete foreign exchanges online to pay for your tuition fees via our system.

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Conduct domestic and international transfers and payments with ease. You can visit any HSBC branch or use Phone Banking, Internet Banking, WeChat and Mobile Banking at your convenience.

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Kick-start your adventure with the HSBC Premier Travel Credit Card to enjoy a new range of travel benefits throughout your journey.