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Why ESG Matters

Investors should be aware of these evolving trends as they point to a case for opportunities in the sustainable consumption space.

Sustainable consumption trends after COVID-19

Coronavirus is squeezing consumer finances and challenging the growth of premium sustainable products. But, the pandemic has accelerated some important consumer sustainability trends such as online shopping and automation. Green government initiatives may further catalyse this.

In the latest issue of #WhyESGMatters, we discuss how sustainable consumption is facing challenges in the current economic climate but how it could benefit from the longer-term trends that the pandemic is accelerating. We look at the impacts to a range of sectors, including personal care, fashion, plastics, and urban transport.

Examples of common ESG issues



Climate change

Natural resources

Pollution and waste

Enviromental opportunities



Human capital

Product liability

Stakeholder opposition

Social opportunities



Corporate governance

Corporate behaviour

ESG insights

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