General questions

Why HSBC Fusion?

We are dedicated to satisfying your financial needs by providing you with our range of banking solutions for small businesses. We have carefully selected the insurance products and services provided by our global strategic partner, AXA Tianping P&C Insurance Co. Ltd., to assist with the development of your business.

Do you provide cross-branch services?

Yes, we provide a range of services across our branches. This includes RMB cash withdrawals and deposits*, document submissions, statement requests and certificate of balance services.

*RMB cash withdrawals are for HSBC Fusion basic accounts only.

How can I see the latest interest rates?

Check the latest rates on our renminbi deposit rates page.

Account-related questions

What is an integrated total relationship balance?

A total relationship balance (TRB) is the total balance of all your accounts with us, including deposits, foreign currencies and personal accounts. If you have connected several personal accounts, the one with the highest balance will be included in the TRB calculation.

As a foreign company, can I open an account at an HSBC branch in mainland China?

If you're an existing HSBC customer, you can open a foreign currency account and a renminbi account at any of our China branches.

To open an offshore account, you must submit the relevant documents to meet the regulatory requirements in mainland China and be able to prove that the purpose of opening an account is based on real business needs.

How do I check my account balance and transactions?

You can access and manage your account by logging on to HSBCnet or HSBCnet Mobile Banking.

Transfer-related questions

What remittance services do you provide?

We offer renminbi local transfers and cross border remittances, and foreign currency local transfers and overseas remittances.

How much is the service charge for remittances? How will I be charged?

Charges will vary according to the type of remittance required. For details, refer to our fees and charges (for business customers) or contact us directly at +86 400-820-1177.

Foreign currency-related questions

What kinds of foreign currency services do you provide?

We offer cash deposits and withdrawals, remittances, exchange settlements, foreign currency trading and rate enquiry services for your saving accounts, call deposits and time deposits. Available currencies include: USD, HKD, JPY, EUR, AUD, CAD, GBP and SGD.

How do I check the latest foreign exchange rates?

Visit the exchange rates page for the latest market rates.

Are there any charges for foreign currency cash deposits or withdrawals?

Refer to our fees and charges for more details, or talk to us directly.

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Investment-related questions

What are the basic rules of investing?

First understand your financial needs, investment objectives, financial situation and risk appetite, and then consider your goals, investment period, affordable investment amount and personal investment preferences.

What are structured investment products?

Our structured investment products are a combination of fixed income products and currency options that offer you the flexibility of choice based on your investment desires. With structured investments, you can buy 2 underlying investments - one to protect your capital and another to provide the return. The potential return you get depends on market movements.

We offer 2 types of structured products related to foreign currency investment: Dual Currency Investment (DCI) and Enhanced Yield Investment (EYI), which is 100% capital protected at maturity. We'll from time to time release new foreign currency investment products for you to choose from.

What are the potential risks of foreign currency investment products?

Major risks include:

  • Return and principal risk: Unlike deposits, foreign currency investment has an investment element. The actual return on foreign currency investment is not guaranteed and the investment is not principal protected, so you may suffer a loss in the principal investment.
  • Market risk: Many factors can affect the level of relevant exchange rates, including the political and economic environment, business conditions, investor sentiment and confidence. All of these factors may have an effect on local and/or global markets.
  • Foreign exchange risk: Your investment will be subject to fluctuations in exchange rates, which could affect the amount of the foreign exchange linked upon payable on this product, either negatively or positively.
  • Credit risk: Structured products may involve credit risk by the product provider, which may affect their ability to meet payment obligations set out in the agreed terms.
  • Inflation risk: You need to consider and recognise that inflation during the tenor of this product may affect the real value of your proceeds under this product.
  • Concentration risk: You need to consider whether to diversify your investments and allocate funds across different products to avoid the risk of investment concentration.
  • Liquidity risk: You may not be able to liquidate or early redeem all or part of your investment as and when you may need to or at an amount equal to or more than the principal amount. Also, you cannot transfer all or part of the investment.
  • Tax risk: If any applicable tax law and/or regulation (including interpretation thereof) is/are promulgated or amended in China and/or other territories and the result thereof is that the payment under this product shall be subject to tax, and such tax shall be borne by the customer.

What affects the value of money?

Money has a tendency to lose its value over time because the price of goods and services has an upward tendency. This is called inflation. Here are some factors that could eat away your money:

  • Inflation: Simply, inflation occurs when the price of goods and services rises.
  • Interest rate fluctuations: A drop in interest rates means a smaller return on your deposits, and if the interest rate is lower than the rate of inflation, your savings lose value. But for some investments, such as equities and bonds, the value of your investment may rise because of the drop in interest rates.
  • International economic trends: What happens in other economies can affect the value of your money. Political circumstances, GDP growth, and stock-market indices in other countries can all have an impact on the buying power of your money.

    Given the different factors that may affect currency values - financial plans should be developed in order to get a reasonable return on investment and cater to actual needs and thus to safeguard against the future.

Insurance-related questions

Can I purchase insurance from AXATP for my business?

AXATP insurance for small businesses is suitable for offices, shops, restaurants and light manufacturing industries. AXA International Exclusive Group Medical Insurance Plan can be offered to 3 or more employees as a group. AXATP reserves the right to make the final decision on whether or not to underwrite the policy.

The above insurance product information is for reference only. For detailed information regarding the product and actual coverage, please refer to official product documentation.

With the AXA Business Insurance Plan, which policies are standalone and which are add-ons?

Property All Risks Insurance, Public Liability Insurance and Employer Liability Insurance are standalone policies. Business Interruption Insurance and Money Insurance are add-on policies and can only be added onto Property All Risks Insurance, as supplement insurance coverage.

What does Property All Risks Insurance cover?

This product covers financial loss due to physical damage from natural disasters and accidents.

What kinds of properties are covered by Property All Risks Insurance? What about items such as antiques, artwork, clocks, jewellery, calligraphy and painting, and motor vehicles, etc?

Property All Risks Insurance covers the building structure, furniture, decoration, equipment, electronic equipment, and appliances, etc. However, items such as antiques, artwork, clocks, jewellery, calligraphy and painting, and motor vehicles are not covered.

Why AXA Tianping P&C Insurance Co. Ltd.?

AXA Tianping Property & Casualty Insurance Company Limited, or AXATP, was established in a merger between Tianping Auto Insurance Company Limited, the first auto-insurance-specialised company in China, and the wholly-owned subsidiary of global insurance group AXA in China. AXATP, with a registered capital of RMD846 million, is headquartered in Shanghai's Lu Jiazui financial area. The company offers a variety of insurance products, including compulsory motor vehicle and traffic accident liability insurance, commercial motor vehicle insurance, SME general insurance, home insurance, cargo insurance, liability insurance, short-term accident insurance and health insurance, etc.

What kinds of business insurance can AXATP provide to HSBC Fusion customers?

AXATP provides HSBC Fusion customers with insurance solutions such as AXA International Exclusive Group Medical Insurance Plan, Property All Risks Insurance, Business Interruption Insurance, Loss of Money Coverage, Public Liability Insurance and Employer's Liability Insurance.

All the insurance products on this page are distributed and managed by AXATP. HSBC China, as the insurance agent for distribution, is not responsible for the product investment, redemption and risk management.

Loan-related questions

What are the eligibility requirements for the HSBC Revolving Working Capital Loan for small businesses?

You can apply for the HSBC Revolving Working Capital Loan for small businesses if your business meets the following requirements:

  • It has been approved by and registered with the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the People's Republic of China
  • It has been in continuous operation for 3 years or more
  • Its annual revenue exceeds RMB3 million
  • The business and the company's controller has good credit records


All loan applications are subject to our credit assessment approval process.

What kinds of collateral do I need to provide to secure my small businesses loan?

We accept a variety of assets to guarantee your loan, such as real estate, savings deposits, or pre-approved company guarantee letters.

What can the Fixed Asset Loan be spent on?

The loan is for small businesses to expand their operations by acquiring self-use commercial or industrial properties, or by purchasing new machinery.

Do I need to have an HSBC account to apply for a Fixed Asset Loan?

You're welcome to apply for a small businesses loan regardless of you being an existing customer or not, but you'll need an HSBC account to receive the loan disbursement. Please make sure you have an RMB general account with HSBC before the loan is approved.

How much can I borrow?

The line of credit depends on the type of collateral you provide us. If you use real estate as your collateral, our loan amount ranges from RMB700,000 to RMB5 million. If you use cash deposits or a pre-approved company guarantee letter, our loan amount ranges from RMB100,000 to RMB5 million. We will look at your actual loan needs and repayment abilities when we decide on the final line of credit.

All loan applications are subject to credit assessment approvals.

What lending products do you provide for small businesses? How do I choose?

We provide Working Capital Revolving Loans, Working Capital Term Loans and Fixed Asset Loans. You'll need to consider the following when choosing a loan product:

  1. The purpose and period of the loan
  2. The repayment method
  3. The collateral used to secure the loan

Can I pay off the loan earlier than the date we agreed in the contract?

Yes, but you may be charged a penalty fee for paying off the loan early. Contact our HSBC Fusion customer relationship manager for more information.

Question on HSBC China Small Business WeChat Service Account

Do I need to open a business account to follow the HSBC China Small Business WeChat Service Account?

No, anyone can follow the HSBC China Small Business Service Account to get the latest market insights, policy information, product services and professional opinions. If you're an existing customer, you can follow the HSBC China Small Business WeChat Service Account and then link your business account for enquiries, transaction authorisation and other services.

Online application-related questions

How do I apply for an account under HSBC Fusion online?

You can access HSBC Fusion account online application form through our public website or our WeChat account, then simply complete the online application form and upload the required documents. We will take care of the rest. Once your application has been successfully submitted, our onboarding manager will be in touch to discuss your application and arrange a branch visit for you. We aim to get your account setup on the same day as your branch visit.

Who can apply for an account under HSBC Fusion online?

Any person who is authorised to open an account on behalf of your company can apply online.

What documents do I need to submit if I apply for an account under HSBC Fusion online?

Before submitting the online application, you will be required to upload the company registration certificates, Memorandum and Articles of Association, Organization Chart, Identities and a number of other documents, so that we can pre-approve your onboarding application. We recommend you prepare such documents prior to starting the online application journey. You will be contacted by our onboarding manager after you pass the onboarding pre-approval process.

Once I finish the online application, do I get my account right away or do I have to wait for it to be approved?

Once you have submitted your application and documents, we will contact you within 2 working days to arrange your branch appointment. We aim to get your account setup on the same day as your branch visit.

Is there any account service fee for an account under HSBC Fusion?

Please refer to our service fees and tariffs for further information.

What are the advantages of account under HSBC Fusion?

We integrate corporate banking and retail banking for small enterprises and their owners. We provide intimate and efficient products and services through a one-to-one relationship management service. We also help small enterprises and their owners by offering benefits and discounts in different aspects such as administration fees and financing rates.

Can I retrieve my application anytime?

Yes, your application will automatically save after 3 minutes and you can also manually save your application at any time. To return to your application, click 'Apply online' on the HSBC Fusion website or WeChat homepage, then enter the mobile number you registered with to receive a one-time-password. You will be taken back to the last saved page.

Do you have internet banking?

Yes, we have internet banking available for business accounts. For more information, you may contact your onboarding manager/relationship manager.

These FAQs are intended to provide an overview of issues related to financial products or services, or regulatory requirements faced when undertaking financial activity in mainland China. Due to the diversity and complexity of financial products/services and the local regulatory environment, these FAQs can only provide an outline of those issues. The information is provided for your reference only, and should not be considered legal, financial or any other professional advice. We make no guarantee, representation or warranty and accepts no responsibility for the accuracy updatedness and/or completeness of the information.

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