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Find lending products that are tailored to you.

Your lending needs covered

Find a lending product that fits your business. From short term expenses to long term growth, we’ve got a range of products based on your personal and business circumstances. We provide all the advice you need on fees and legal information upfront, to make your lending decisions easier, with quicker approval for your application.

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Available products

There’s a product that suits every situation - from Revolving loans to Term Loans and Fixed asset loans. Visit your local HSBC branch to learn more about the application process, eligibility and key legal information.

We give you the flexibility to manage your funds easily and efficiently. You can ask for a drawdown as long as the total drawdown amount does not exceed the approved limit.

Fixed monthly instalments reduce the pressure of a one-off repayment at maturity.

Whether you're expanding your business through the purchase of fixed assets, such as machinery, or acquiring self-use commercial property, we're here to support you with our fixed asset loan for a term of up to 5 years.

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Receive better rates and charges and great value services based on your professional and personal wealth.

HSBC Fusion aims at assisting small business in improving business management and finance management. You can now enjoy Kingdee Cloud ERP project offers especially for small business, collaboratively delivered by HSBC Fusion and Kingdee.

Welcome to the Knowledge Centre, a library of regulations on government subsidies, discounts, industry developments and much more. This is information your business needs to know in order to thrive and prosper in today's complex business environment.

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