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Create cross-border transfer instructions via HSBCnet in a few easy steps, or submit smart forms at our branches. We support major currencies, including RMB, USD, HKD, EUR and GBP.

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DCI is a short-term investment product that gives you the opportunity to potentially gain higher returns on your investment in currency markets by linking the performance of currency pairs. This product is a non-capital-protected structured investment.

Wealth management is not equal to deposit. Please be aware of the risks associated with the product and make prudent investment decisions.

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Whether you're expanding your business through the purchase of fixed assets, such as machinery, or acquiring self-use commercial property, we're here to support you with our fixed asset loan for a term of up to 5 years.

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Indemnify the Insured’s legal liability including lawsuit fees in respect of death or bodily injury by accident, through occupational disease or work-related injuries caused during the period of insurance to any employee or employees whilst being engaged, in the course of employment by the Insured, in the work connected with the Insured’s trade as stated in the Policy.

The above insurance product information is for reference only. For detailed information regarding the product and actual coverage, please refer to official product documentation.

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Welcome to the Knowledge Centre, a library of regulations on government subsidies, discounts, industry developments and much more. This is information your business needs to know in order to thrive and prosper in today's complex business environment.

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We provide expert solutions to cover your business financing requirement for business expansion and long term growth.

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