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Our staff have been professionally trained in business and personal finance, so whoever you speak to will always be able to help you manage both sides of your life – giving you an efficient experience and a clearer view of your financial situation, through one point of contact.

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We give you the flexibility to manage your funds easily and efficiently. You can ask for a drawdown as long as the total drawdown amount does not exceed the approved limit.

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Capture global investment opportunities with our structured products, which are designed to minimise risk and optimise your returns.

Wealth management is not equal to deposit. Please be aware of the risks associated with the product and make prudent investment decisions.

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Cover loss of cash, check, securities that is kept in the safe or strongroom due to robbery by actual force and violence happened in the premise.

This product is an add-on to property insurance and is not a standalone policy. For detailed information regarding the product and actual coverage, please refer to official product documentation.

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Our RMB Time Deposits assure you fixed returns on your deposits over a period that suits you.

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Your business and personal account balances in one place.

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Shows you the exact conversion rate for certain types of FX conversion transactions and holds that rate until your transfer is complete.

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Get special access to funding, advice and new opportunities.

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Connect to the services and support you need to get everything done.