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Philanthropy services

HSBC has deep roots in philanthropy. Our philanthropy forum “GPB Philanthropy Club” supports entrepreneurs on their philanthropic aspirations and offers professional philanthropy advisory through charitable trusts, public welfare platforms and philanthropy forums. We assist families in giving back to the society for good causes. 

A series of charitable events with "Philanthropy Club"

We understand that high net-worth individuals inherit more than just wealth, but also the hopes and dreams of a better future through dedication towards charity and sustainable business development, and nurturing a greater and lasting social heritage.

Since 1990, HSBC has continuously supported China's philanthropy by aiding in a number of initiatives to improve society. These include rural revitalization, financial education, ecosystem preservation, elderly services, child welfare, community development, social innovation and entrepreneurship, anti-epidemic efforts and disaster relief. HSBC has received the China Charity Award nine times.

Even in the face of uncertainty, we have partnered with our community through operation 'Philanthropy club' to continue to generate additional social value and accomplish our public welfare goals.

We understand the philanthropic spirit of our customers, and their cooperation with legal and tax partners and charitable organizations to organise activities and provide professional services to those who are interested in devoting themselves to philanthropy or setting up their family inheritance plan.

HSBC provides public welfare platforms and forums and holds a variety of charitable events, including but not limited to environmental, social and governance (ESG) themed activities, charity auctions and other exchange events.

Whether your need is in legacy planning, legal and tax consultation, or imparting wisdom for the next generation, HSBC China Global Private Banking will give its upmost to grow your personal wealth, heritage and family prosperity, and propagate social values.


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