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A group of students walking; used for China Thinks Big

HSBC and China Thinks Big

This year, we are continuing our support for China Thinks Big, founded by Harvard University and aimed at encouraging high school students to create innovative solutions for social issues in China and beyond.

Founded by Harvard University, China Thinks Big is a social entrepreneurship competition and conference. It leverages research methodologies used in top US institutions to offer Chinese high school students the chance to increase their knowledge and access valuable networking opportunities. Successful projects from the program have been adopted as bills in the National People's Congress and many more have been featured in academic journals, CCTV, People's Daily and other national media outlets.

At HSBC, we help you set your child on the path to success by planning for their future education overseas. Our global team of experts are ready to provide you with the right financial products and asset management plans you need to turn their dreams into reality.

Financial products and services related to international education

  • Plan tuition the right way
  • Be secure with HSBC Premier Family service
  • Pay your child's tuition instantly with our International Education Payment Service 

  • Benefit from Premier, wherever life takes you

International education services

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The experts at our International Banking Centres can open overseas HSBC accounts for you even before you depart to your new home country so you can relax and enjoy your overseas experience.

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We have upgraded the popular HSBC International Education Payment System to version 2.0. 

Now you can complete FX exchanges online to pay for your tuition fees via our system.

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Conduct domestic and international transfers and payments with ease. You can visit any HSBC branch or use Phone Banking, Internet Banking, WeChat and Mobile Banking at your convenience.

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We understand that accidents can happen, so we provide easy encashments and card replacement services for you and your family should such an emergency arise. Instant cash up to USD2,000 can be arranged for you from HSBC branches worldwide.

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Kick-start your adventure with the HSBC Premier Travel Credit Card to enjoy a new range of travel benefits throughout your journey.