How often do you change your password?

Hackers are constantly upping their game with sophisticated ways of getting your information. Remember to choose a strong password and update it regularly. We suggest to change it every 90 days.

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Beware of COVID-19 scams

One of the newest scams out there is the "Mask Sale" scam. People are offered big savings on large volume orders, but most times the sale ends up being either an “Empty promise” or an “Unmatched Item”.

Empty promise

Fraudsters take advantage of people in urgent need of medical supplies, including surgical masks. They post on public platforms claiming that they have large stocks of the medical supplies, with (fake) testing certificates and stock pictures to make it look more real. But once you place your order, they keep making different excuses to postpone the delivery date. Fraudsters usually disappear after they receive the remittance from the victims. 

Unmatched items

Another type of scam, where you don't receive the item you paid for. Instead, you'll be given unmatched items such as second-hand masks or masks of very poor quality.

This kind of scam could be even more dangerous, as no one knows whether or not those masks have been used or could cause further damage your health.

We'd like to remind you that you should only buy medical supplies from certified merchants and on official channels. Do Not trust any tricks such as a “special channel” or “postponed delivery”. Before making the payment, please make sure that the merchant’s identity has been verified and sales history has been checked. Please contact your local police immediately if anything seems suspicious.