Structured products for small businesses

This is a structured investment product with floating returns designed to provide you with either 100% or partial capital protection at maturity. It's your choice.

Key benefits

  • Varying degrees of capital protection depending on your risk appetite, from 100% capital protection to partial capital protection at maturity
  • Access a broad range of assets and markets from around the world
  • Diversify and invest in a wide range of asset classes including currencies, interest rates and equities, with varying time frames to suit your needs.

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How structured products work

Your initial investment in structured products will be allocated to a relatively low-risk portfolio that includes fixed income and money market investments. The capital protection (or partial capital protection) and any fixed income will come from our investments in fixed-income products, while any potential return will come from our investments in derivative products.

Illustration showing how structured products work

Product risk rating

* Product risk rating - Ranges from 1 (low risk) to 5 (very high risk)
Risk rating
Risk level of available products
N/A <=1

Risk reminder

  • Risk reminder
    Customers who purchase a structured product may face these risks: principal and return risk, early redemption risk and foreign exchange risk.
  • Principal and return risk
    Structured products are not equivalent to a traditional deposit. They involve derivatives and, therefore, returns are not guaranteed. In the worst case scenario, the investor may only get back the protected part of the principal as stipulated by the product subscription document.
  • Early redemption risk

    If the products don't allow early redemption, you may not withdraw all or part of the structured investment product prior to maturity. Please make sure you have made adequate provisions for emergencies. 

    If we accept your early redemption request, we will calculate and determine the amount based on market conditions. Upon early redemption, you may not enjoy 100% capital protection and may suffer capital loss.

  • Foreign exchange risk
    If you choose to convert another currency into your investment currency for the purpose of subscribing this structured investment product, and/or you choose to convert the investment capital and return (if any) back to your commonly used currency, your investment result could be affected due to exchange fluctuations.

Product information disclosure

We'll provide you with the following product and trade information.

Notice type
Information disclosure details
Notice of confirmation
Product purchase confirmed
Structured investment product account information, end participation rate, end trigger coupon and initial index level etc.
Notice of unaccepted application
Product at withdrawal/cancellation
Notice of unaccepted application and notice of unfrozen subscription funds.
Notice of maturity
Product at maturity
Structured investment products maturity redemption and destination account etc.

Composite statement: A composite statement is provided either via online banking (if you have registered for it) or by mail. The content includes the structured investment account information, indicative market price, and indicative market value.

The relevant performance information in the composite statement is for reference only. If there is any discrepancy between any product performance information orally provided to you and the relevant product notice/legal document issued by us, the product notice/legal document shall prevail. We will not offer updates on the performance of this structured investment product, and you are obliged to keep track of and understand the performance of related products and make your own investment decisions. We're not responsible for any losses resulting from the neglect of product performance.

We reserve the right to add, delete or modify disclosure documents and/or related disclosure channels. 

Product performance and product catalogue

For more information on the structured investments and product catalogues we offer, please visit:

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