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HSBC Premier Debit Card

HSBC Premier Debit Card

With an HSBC Premier Debit Card, you don't just enjoy the security and convenience; it is also a passport to many local and international privileges and services.

One-stop solution for local and foreign currency accounts

Linked with up to three local accounts (the primary account should be an RMB settlement account; and the two supplementary accounts can be either RMB or foreign currency accounts), and customers can adjust their supplementary accounts whenever they want.

Greater convenience for domestic cash withdrawals

Daily domestic cash withdrawal limit of RMB20,000 (applicable to CUP and HSBC China ATM networks).

Easy to access global overseas cash withdrawals

HSBC debit card can be used to withdraw local currency at a large number of CUP ATMs in more than 80 countries and regions with settlement from your RMB primary account, and at more than 10,000 HSBC Group ATMs in around 40 countries and regions with settlement from your supplementary foreign currency account(s)(if any).

Free and flexible management of funds

  • Farewell to a bulging wallet full of cash! HSBC debit card can be used at over 2,400,000 domestic and overseas POS terminals affiliated to the CUP network.
  • You can easily and efficiently move your money through Self-Service Fund Transfer at HSBC China ATMs between RMB accounts or between foreign currency accounts within your card; and also transfer funds from the RMB account within your card to other personal RMB accounts with HSBC China.
  • In addition, simply register for HSBC Personal Internet Banking at with your debit card, and you can enjoy 24x7 global access to conveniently manage your personal finances.

Hassle-free travel with HSBC Global Emergency Services

HSBC Global Emergency Services provide Premier customers with overseas emergency cash. This service covers over 245,000 outlets in 200 countries and regions. You can always enjoy our considerate and convenient emergency services all over the world.

In addition to the advantages of HSBC debit cards, HSBC Premier Debit Card entitles you to the following extra international and domestic value-added services:

Global Recognition and Privileges

You can enjoy international recognition of your identity as an HSBC Premier customer, and professional services of superior quality.

Attentive and Preferential Treatment

You're exempt from many transaction fees including domestic cash withdrawals at HSBC China ATMs, overseas cash withdrawals at HSBC Group ATMs and HSBC Global Emergency Services. Intra-province other bank ATM cash withdrawals are also waived for you till 31 December 2016.
*Special offer: HSBC Premier Debit Card cardholder will enjoy the benefit of service fee exemption on cash withdrawal from intra-province (including municipality) other bank ATMs until 31st December 2016.

Unprecedented experience and benefits

You're entitled to a superior shopping experience and attractive discounts offered by HSBC China contracted merchants with your HSBC Premier Debit Card.

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