HSBC China Junior Golf Program – 2007-2015

CGA-HSBC China Junior Golf Program, launched by the China Golf Association (CGA) and HSBC in coordination with IMG in early 2007, is the only officially sanctioned junior golf program in China.With the very successful outcome from past 6 years, on June 3rd, CGA and HSBC confirmed to continue this program for another 3 years (2013-2105). The program is designed to provide a competition platform for future champions, as well as a platform for grass-root kids to get to know what golf is.

The program has the strongest sponsor support from HSBC and is supervised by a development committee that is formed by representatives from HSBC, CGA, IMG and R&A. It not only provides a platform for talented joiner golfers to develop their potential, but also developed a lot of new blood for golf in China.

The comprehensive program includes the HSBC National Junior Golf Championship (6 stops+1 final), the HSBC National Team Championship, the HSBC China Junior Golf Open, a series of HSBC Junior Golf Camps at cities across China during summer and winter season, the HSBC sponsored China National Junior Team, the HSBC National School Training program, an HSBC Junior Golf Ranking System and an official website. This is a systematic and sustainable plan that is designed to support the grassroots development of Chinese golf on a long term basis. The winners of the HSBC National Junior Golf Championship Final or HSBC China Junior Open and Top ones from the ranking system will have a chance to be invited to play with golf Top pros in the HSBC Champions pro-am, HSBC Women’ s Champions pro-am and some other pro events.

The HSBC Junior Golf Ranking System, launched on Mar, 2008, covers not only events under the CGA-HSBC China Junior Golf Program but also other events sanctioned by the CGA. This ranking system forms a base for evaluation and selection of members for HSBC National Junior Golf Team.

HSBC Junior Golf Camps has entry-level camps and advanced camps which are designed for 0 level kids and national junior team or top players respectively during summer and winter holiday. The camps have introduced golf to more than 4000 kids and provide them a chance to swing and put on site each year. The advanced camps provides systematic training courses on physical skills, on course skills, rules, strategies etc to help the top players develop their potentials to be a pro from all around.

Starting from early 2008, CGA-HSBC China Junior Golf Program has launched its schools golf training project in nearly 100 schools in Shanghai, Beijing, Jiangsu, Anhui, Shenzhen, Zhejiang, Shangdong, Zhengzhou, Guangzhou, Hainan and Yunnan province, setting up golf fundamental education during Physical Education (PE) classes in schools. This project is intended to introduce golf to more kids as a sport and provide them with a chance to play, understand and love golf.

In Sept of 2008, the official website ( of CGA-HSBC China Junior Golf Program was launched, providing a more interactive information platform for juniors.

In March of 2009, the HSBC sponsored China National Junior Team has been formed to cultivate more elite junior players. The program will provide training sessions and competition opportunities to the team players. The team competed in 2012 Junior Open, 2012 Evian Masters Juniors Cup, 2012 RiverWoods Junior Open and 2012 USA-China Youth Match (team China won) during summer holidays.

2013 Junior Golf Event Schedule
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