Deposit Rates

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Renminbi Savings: As at 5/31/16 06:15:00 PM
Interest rate(% p.a. before tax)
Note: Minimum balance for RMB Current Account: RMB5,000

Time Deposits: As at 5/31/16 06:15:00 PM
Term Interest rate(% p.a. before tax)
3 Months 1.3500
6 Months 1.5500
12 Months 1.7500
24 Months 2.2500
36 Months 2.7500
60 Months 2.7500
Note: Minimum balance for Personal Banking customers: RMB50
         Minimum balance for Commercial Banking customers: RMB10,000

For the interest rates of other currencies, please contact our branch / sub-branch or your relationship manager.
Please note that above interest rates are for reference only and are subject to changes from time to time without prior notice.
For further information, please visit your nearest HSBC Branch in mainland China or to call us via: for personal banking customers, please call 800-820-8878 ([86] (21) 3888 8878 if you are outside of mainland China or are using a mobile phone) ; for commercial banking customers, please call 400-882-6688.
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