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International Business

With the right connections, you can open your business up to a world of opportunity for your business.

At HSBC, we can connect you to a global network of 8,000 relationship managers, providing support and advice in over 60 countries and territories.

How HSBC can help you?

International Payments and Cash Management

  • We provide tailored payments and cash management solutions to millions of businesses around the world, from sole traders to large multinationals.

Importing and Exporting

  • Our global network of trade experts in over 60 countries can provide knowledge and support to help you turn new markets into familiar territory.

Managing Foreign Exchange

  • With our global network in over 60 countries, we can help you manage your finances in many different currencies and mitigate the risks involved.

Managing International Risk

  • At HSBC, we've got the knowledge of global opportunities and minimize the risks they can present.

Traveling Internationally

  • Get online tips and information on day-to-day living, managing your money.

International Banking Centre

  • Whether you're looking to overseas business opportunities, we have specialized teams to help manage the process as quickly as possible.


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